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Field Engineer

How [freelance] Field Engineers in the Telecom Are Using Gig Economy to Bring a Change in Their Lives.


Mustafa Ali


July 21, 2017

According to a recent report issued by Intuit, a leading software development company, the gig economy will produce 3.2 to 7.6 million freelancers in the United States by the year 2020. In recent years, the growth of U.S. independent contractors working on short-term contracts has become more apparent. Companies can opt out on their obligation (to provide health insurance, vacation & sick time, retirement, etc.) to their full-time employees by hiring them as contract employees. However, this, in turn, inherited the versatility needed by freelancers to pick and choose when they want to work and who they want to work for.

As each year passes, our technological advancement continues to reinvent and expand the telecom industry. It began with the internet, computers, mobile phones and soon exploded to every field of science, including but not limited to field engineering. As telecom jobs continue to grow, industry demand has allotted for the creation of employment platforms that allow engineers to interact with businesses or each other, share, and distribute their passion for their talent and industry.


Field engineers finally have the opportunity to earn income via online recruiting talent marketplaces like Engineers seeking engaging opportunities can now sign up on, complete their profile, search and apply for contract work. Moreover, these platforms allow engineers to share their enthusiasm for their trade while procuring new, high paying projects. offers worldly opportunities and the ability to work outside a stale routine.

For field engineers, stability and flexibility work hand in hand. The gig economy model has opened the door to telecom engineers for diverse possibilities traditional jobs otherwise could not. When clients post a job, engineers choose if the work is right for them and place a bid. The client then evaluates each bid and negotiates monetary compensation prior to hiring the chosen talent.

Another significant benefit offers is the capability to provide supplemental income that allows for additional spending money or provides monetary relief to pay expenses. Clients pay engineers via Field Engineer’s escrow account. Once the job is completed and approved by the client, the money in the escrow account is transferred to the engineers.

Today’s economy has exasperated regular employees with exuberant long hours and low pay. Some companies don’t pay overtime and others only work on commission or salary. Thus, staying in a permanent position for a long time has become a grueling task for many permanent employees. And with downsizing, most permanent employees tackle additional responsibilities that used to go to other departments. Fortunately, thanks to, this marketing platform continues to expand and opens a portal for telecom gigs changing the lives of telecom engineers worldwide.

As a growing global platform streamlining indispensable talent and a conglomerate of high paying freelance jobs, telecoms with matching vetted technicians to businesses around the world, bringing global recognition to experienced engineers in an era where the need for digital consumption and talent are rising on demand.

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