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March 21, 2017

As high-speed networks and data-connections continue to expand across the country, more people than ever before are needed to maintain the critical networks and infrastructure created by the Internet. However, the geographical expansion of data networks also means that it is highly impractical for many telecom and media-driven services to keep full-time field engineers on staff. Embracing the on-demand marketplace for freelancers makes it possible to serve a wider geographical area while minimizing the labor costs and overhead required to have full-time field telecom engineers on the payroll. Field Engineer provides your company with the opportunity to hire, build and manage your team of IT freelancers and IT consultants.

Manage Your Freelance Workforce

One of the most challenging and complicated aspects for many companies lies in maintaining a large pool of telecom field engineers. Juggling schedules and assignments to various remote locations can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. With Field Engineer’s field service management portal, you can quickly and easily automate the complicated tasks of scheduling, allocating and dispatching field technicians to the locations they need to be in. allows you to coordinate and manage a project from beginning to end.



Hire Highly Qualified Freelancers

Unlike other freelance platforms, Field Engineer is dedicated to providing your company with highly skilled telecom field telecom engineers. You can filter your search for freelancers by location and qualifications. Before hiring a freelancer, your company will be able to view his or her complete profile. Each freelance profile includes the following information:


View each freelance engineer’s certifications to ensure that they meet your company’s high standards.

Work Experience

See a freelancer’s previous professional experience to make sure that you have the right fit for the job you need to be completed.

Skill Levels

Save time by searching for freelancers based on the level of their skills. Our portal makes it easy to find the right person for the job.

Background Checks

Access background checks for an added layer of security and protection for your company and your customers.

Feedback Ratings and Reviews

See what other companies have to say about the freelancer’s previous jobs through Field Engineer. This encourages freelancers to do their very best and helps you identify high-quality engineers with proven records to hire for your field workforce.

Empower Your Freelance Field Workforce utilizes the latest technology to create new opportunities in the on-demand marketplace for freelancers and the companies that hire them. Our platform empowers your freelance workforce and increases productivity by giving freelancers and your business the tools needed to successfully complete jobs in the field. Your freelance engineers will be able to process and work smartly with tools that capture customer signatures and easily upload documentation. Once the work has been completed, your workforce will be able to quickly obtain payment for their work. offers convenient and easy access to freelance telecom engineers to meet your company’s needs. By providing an online portal that is backed by mobile applications, you will be able to instantly hire and build a freelance workforce for your field telecom engineering needs.

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