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Finding Remote IT Jobs Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Finding employment and remote IT jobs can be tedious and difficult. Even the sound of it can be frustrating. Luckily, Field Engineer has created a better system to help you, whether you are searching for work or searching for someone to complete a project. At Field Engineer, we want to change the way you see engineering jobs and hiring and make the process simple and painless.

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Many engineering employment agencies operate as large, impersonal organizations only interested in making money themselves. At Field Engineer, we view success as YOU succeeding and making money too. In order to do this, we created a system that is fast, easy to navigate and effective.

Where do you Begin?

Whether you are a business looking to post a job or an engineer looking for project-based work, the process is fairly similar.

As an engineer, simply upload a resume and complete your profile including your experience to begin browsing jobs. Once you find jobs you really love, fill out their individual applications, your qualifications and your experience related to the position. Apply to as few or as many positions as you can handle and open up lines of communication with potential employers.

As a business, fill out a company profile and job description and, if you have the time, reach out to applicants that are particularly qualified. Otherwise, sit back and wait for the applications to start coming in. It’s that easy to get a job posted online and seen from a number of countries across the world!

How do I Trust Someone Across The World?

At Field Engineer, we understand that hiring an employee from remote IT jobs can be intimidating: how can you be sure a potential hire is the real-deal, a safe and trusted employee?

We background screen each and every employee on our site for felonies and drug-charges, ensuring a hire that is legally cleared and trusted. We also allow companies to review work from previous clients, allowing you to see how other businesses felt about each employee’s performance.

A Different Way to do Business

Field Engineer was created after telecom experts saw the need to fill the gap and help engineers that were laid off because of recessionary budget cuts find work. By connecting engineers that need work until they find another full-time position or just want to make some money on the side with businesses looking to get engineering projects done fast, they have solved that problem for thousands of people.

Certain aspects of Field Engineer help it to stand out from the rest and make finding and hiring Computer engineering jobs a new game.

We will change the way you apply for part-time work forever. Features such as software that matches potential hires to jobs that they are both qualified for and are available and similarly connects businesses to applicants that are qualified is a great example of such tools.

Another important feature is a tool that helps you manage and automate certain administrative tasks so you can put your effort into your business instead of into managing projects. Still another let’s you see the progress of each project, letting you know exactly when to expect results. We also offer a mobile application that lets you stay ahead of the competition, from anywhere with cellular service or wifi.

While there are many organizations out there to find you a temporary engineering position or employee, few offer as great of tools with the same ease of navigation as Field Engineer.

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A Global Community Years Ahead of the Rest

At Field Engineer, we are proud of our ability to connect engineers and companies searching for engineers in over 132 countries. The world is only becoming more reliant on the Internet and international communication; why should the way you find work be any different?

We have connected thousands of individuals that otherwise would probably not have found each other across thousands of miles. We have employed previously unemployed engineers and helped still employed engineers make some extra cash on the side by widening their resources and network of possible employers. We have helped businesses that may have suffered due to downtime inefficiencies related to hiring new employees stay on top of demand and make money while doing it. We are proud to be a global network of engineers strengthening the economy, one position at a time.

Fund and Get Paid for your Work (Almost) Instantly

When you sign up for a Field Engineer account, whether you are a business or an engineer, you will link your profile to a bank account, credit card or PayPal account. Each job you complete or have completed for you can then be paid for instantly, through our secure online service. No more waiting for direct deposits or checks; your money will arrive as quickly as your bank or PayPal allows.

This is a particularly enticing point for individuals using Field Engineer while in-between jobs or who are relying freelance engineering as their sole income. Though engineering positions are generally quite lucrative and many engineers have ample savings, not having a steady source of income can be a terrifying thing.

With Field Engineer, you can be paid according to your own pace of work; the faster you complete a job the faster you will be paid. This also means that you have the flexibility to apply for multiple jobs at once, if one is dragging on and you to make money quickly. There is no end to the benefits to the Field Engineer platform.

Field Engineer is a new way of looking at part-time engineering work by creating a network of engineers and companies searching for engineers that goes beyond typical resource umbrellas. The benefit of an international network is that there are no boundaries. We want you to succeed and we will do everything we can and use all of our tools to help you succeed. We offer the best and most unique remote it jobs out there; try Field Engineer once and never look back.

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