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Field Engineer Connects you with Thousands of Engineers Looking for Work Online.

Field Engineer is an online engineering recruitment website launched in 2015 in New York City, that was created in the spirit of helping recently laid off engineers find work as recessionary layoffs become increasingly common. Created by telecom veterans, Field Engineer works to boost the economy in the engineer workforce.

By allowing engineers to have access to career-building, lucrative opportunities, Field Engineer forges professional relationships that also inspire a community of potential hires and employees.

Instead of spending energy searching for potential hires, going through an arduous interviewing and hiring cycle, get connected with potential employees instantly online.

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How does the Field Engineer Platform Work?

  • First: Sign up and link an account to your credit card, bank account or PayPal account in order to fund your hires.
  • Second: Post a job. Be as detailed as you can to get the most relevant hires. By filling out a work order, you will be able to receive bids for hire.
  • Third: As the bids start rolling in, carefully examine each one for reviews, skill sets and begin negotiation of terms of the project.
  • Fourth: Real-time tracking of jobs will let you see the progress on your project and instantly pay once it is completed to your satisfaction.

Engineering staffing agencies making searching for jobs easy by putting potential hires and employees in the same place. While there are many engineering staffing agencies, few are as thorough as Field Engineer.

Download our app to see just how easy it is to use. The combination of the mobile and online platforms make connecting businesses to over 1500 in-the-field engineers easy and, most importantly, fast.

A global presence of engineers makes finding work easy and complete. With mandatory background checks on engineers, you can be guaranteed that every person you hire is reliable and safe. Read reviews and assure that background checks keep success streamlined.

To make project management easy, Field Engineer uses real time engineer tracking of projects as well as work order management to automates administrative tasks. The inclusion of these systems ensures that projects are delivered completely and each project is organized.

Field Engineer Features are:

  • API Integration, making engagement simple and in-depth
  • With a cost-effective recruitment tool, businesses have no fee for recruiting through Field Engineer
  • Rapid-Al matching that enables skills and potential positions to be matched up appropriately
  • A global interface, allowing employees and employers to be connected anywhere in the world. Digital growth is not slowing down; Field Engineer works hard to keep up with that pace.
  • Easy to use, mobile platform on both iOS and Android devices

Engineering staffing varies per country. Currently there are the following engineers in each country:

  • Australia: more than 3,000+
  • Asia: more than 12,000+
  • South Africa: more than 4,000+
  • Europe: more than 13,000+
  • South America: more than 12,000+
  • West Coast, USA: more than 15,000+
  • South East Asia: more than 7,000+
  • Russia: more than 1,500+
  • North Africa: more than 2500+
  • United Kingdom: more than 3500+
  • East Coast, USA: more than 15000+
  • Canada: more than 2200+

Whatever country you’re searching for engineering staffing, Field Engineer can connect you with more than enough options.

Field Engineer’s manifesto explains their vision perfectly:


We live, breathe and bleed telecom. We’re dedicated to directly connecting field engineers and the businesses that hire them to unleash opportunities in an era of insatiable digital demand. FE is a powerful platform for businesses and talent who want to be free of old school recruitment hurdles. We streamline slow and costly talent and job search, interviewing, vetting, hiring and paying. FE frees the ambitious to succeed. FE is proving to be an indispensable global marketplace.”


Field Engineer has fulfilled over 2000 orders from over 45 businesses in over 132 countries. What other engineering recruitment agencies can say that?

What is One of the Best Parts of Using Field Engineering for Businesses?

With Field Engineer, businesses cut costs by at least 30% by hiring field engineers in comparison to full-time employees. This is because field engineers don’t need to be paid for expensive benefits or time off. By avoiding downtime inefficiencies and expensive employment packages, businesses can stay on top of demand and on budget.

More benefits for businesses include:

  • Booking a professional in just a few simple steps
  • Get a job done FAST and efficiently

From an engineer’s standpoint, as long as you pass a background check you can work on an international market spanning 132 companies, remotely, from the privacy of anywhere you want to be.

“With rising digital consumption, you need direct access to flexible technical talent to get ahead of demand. With our powerful platform, tap the right specialists locally and globally. As Telecom veterans, we’re committed to removing the complexities and expensive speed bumps to talent placement so you can achieve excellence.”

Businesses can engage with engineers remotely and worldwide with the best engineering recruitment agency available.

No matter where you are, the Field Engineer community will keep you connected and on top of your project management. Try it today and start seeing the difference.

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