Obstacles Hindering the Smooth Deployment of 5G in the US


Mustafa Ali


August 22, 2019

Whatever the size, scope or nature of your business, it’s likely that your thoughts have turned to the rollout of 5G in the US recently. You may wonder how it will affect you and what kinds of opportunities and challenges it may represent. 

5G could help you to usher in a new era of productivity and efficiency. But it is also beset by common deployment issues which could prove disruptive to your business and lead to profit-sapping downtime. But even if your team is not equipped to oversee 5G deployment, you can still manage this effectively and efficiently with the help of the right freelancers.

Common 5G Deployment Challenges

5G represents exciting opportunities for our business and domestic lives alike. It could help us to carry out tasks that would usually cause huge bandwidth constraints with ease. It could unlock exciting possibilities in terms of virtualization and the cloud. Nonetheless, its deployment is proving a somewhat bumpy road. 

5G will require huge innovation and renovation in terms of architecture and platforms. Core networks and Radio Access Networks will need to either be retrofitted or replaced completely. 

The early days of deployment will have serious considerations for spectrum availability which will inevitably impact on network deployment capability. 

What’s more, newly deployed 5G networks will inevitably encounter teething problems and operational complexity. Stacks, processes , and people will all need realignment to make the most of this new networking technology.

With 5G often comes an increasing reliance on IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices. Yet while these can be remarkably helpful both in the workplace and at home, they also represent network vulnerabilities. They can prove a weak spot in your network security which malicious parties may be keen to exploit.

Gig Workers for 5G

How Gig Workers can Help Facilitate Effective 5G Deployment

Getting fast access to the most talented freelancers can help you to avoid these hiccups by formulating an effective 5G deployment plan. You may be of two minds when it comes to 5G vs 4G and feel that the potential risks and overheads may negate the potential benefits. However, gig workers can help you to mitigate the inherent risks while making the most of the benefits. 

They can ensure that your network infrastructure is capable not just of sustaining 5G deployment but of getting the most out of it, assisting in the design and development of a robust and efficient network.

By making the most of 5G services on the freelance market, businesses can select or develop the right 5G deployment options for them usher in a new era of operational excellence and procedural efficiency. Meanwhile, we recommend you to read how to tackle challenges posed while implementing 5G?

Finding, Incentivizing and Retaining the Best Freelancers

The right freelancers can make all the difference when it comes to designing and deploying your 5G network and insulating your business from teething problems. The key lies in being able to find the right freelancing talent and ensuring that they are at their best from day one.

At Field Engineer we take the legwork out of this process for you. Our robust platform uses proprietary AI to match top telecommunications talent to the unique needs of your project.

Freelancers are highly motivated. Their livelihood depends on their ability to impress clients and be invited back for more work or to get referrals from happy clients. Demonstrate that you consider them part of the team and that you may have an ongoing need for their services and they’ll not only remain motivated, but they’ll also keep coming back to you.

How Field Engineer can Help

Field Engineer’s powerful yet accessible platform gives you access to the very best freelancing talent. With tens of thousands of skilled and vetted gig workers all over the world, finding someone with the knowledge and expertise to facilitate your 5G network deployment.

When you join Field Engineer, you get instant access to a wide range of benefits including;

Freelance Engineers for 5G

  • Hire top telecoms talent from all over the world. You get access to over 40,000 verified, vetted and experienced engineers working in 180 countries at your fingertips.
  • Tips and advice to help you retain top freelancing talent and prevent teething problems or downtime.
  • Access our cloud-based platform no matter where you are via your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Get ahead of the curve and expand your enterprise’s visibility and reputation by hiring the very best telecommunications talent. 
  • Real-time job tracking that keeps you in the loop for effective resource management.
  • Proprietary AI tools to match the perfect 5G service to your project’s unique needs.

Don’t let your business get left behind when 5G rolls out all over the US. If you’re not making the most of this potentially revolutionary new technology, there’s a good chance that your competitors will!

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