How to Tackle Challenges Posed while Implementing 5G?


Syed Ali


August 2, 2019

5G is the latest technology soon to be sweeping the world. Consumers are excited by the possibilities it brings, but businesses are concerned by the various 5G deployment challenges around. 

There’s plenty of talk about 5G vs. 4G, and it’s mainly around how much faster 5G is than its predecessor. But, to ensure that all this power and speed is unlocked, it has to be implemented and deployed correctly. 

The problem is that this is proving very difficult. There are lots of challenges facing network operators as they try and come up with the right way of deploying and implementing this new form of cellular data. 

Effectively, the main issue is that 5G demands a fully virtualized network core. The majority of standard networks are made up of physical pieces of equipment - routers, switches, etc. - but 5G requires Network Function Virtualization (NFV). This is essential because it’s the only way that businesses and network operators can provide the true power of 5G networks. 

However, there’s also the massive challenge of implementing this while keeping costs as low as possible - and the level of service as high as can be. 

So, how can you tackle these challenges? Well, one idea is to call upon contract workers and freelancers to take care of your 5G deployment plan

How Do Contract Workers Resolve the Issues Posed while 5G is Being Deployed?

For starters, contract workers are the most affordable and cost-effective of all the 5G deployment options. It costs less money to hire a contractor for one job than it does to hire an entire in-house deployment team. Instantly, you can keep the cost of deployment to a minimum. 

Secondly, you can track down specialist freelancers that are experts in this type of technology. They know how 5G works, and they know how to handle complicated things like NFV. So, the chances of deploying 5G services with fewer roadblocks are increased. 

Essentially, you’re choosing the experts to handle what they’re best at! 

Furthermore, there’s also the challenge of deploying 5G networks in as many places as possible to create a wider network. The beauty of contract workers is that you can hire them in locations all over the world. Thus, you use them to deploy 5G in less time than if you had a team do it all one after the other. 

5G Telecom Engineers

Why Do Businesses Prefer freelancers for Deploying 5G?

It’s simple; freelancers are more affordable, better at their jobs, and more readily available. It’s a smart decision for businesses to call upon freelancers because they know what they’re getting. You’re hiring someone for a specific job, and you don’t have to worry about signing them up for payroll, paying them benefits, dealing with sick leave, etc. 

It’s just more convenient in every way possible. 

How Can Businesses Track Down First-Rate Freelancers?

Various options are available, but the Field Engineer platform is the best way to track down freelancers from all over the world. It’s a straightforward system; you sign up, post a job, and freelancers find you. 

5G Deployment

How Do You Attract the Best Talent?

Of course, you still need to try and get the very best freelancers to handle your 5G deployment. So, you need to try and spur them in some way. Obviously, offering an attractive payment is the best way to get their attention. 

Providing clear descriptions for your jobs also helps bring in lots of freelancers as they know precisely what they’re doing. 

Also, offering future freelance opportunities - perhaps to do with 5G maintenance - is a great way to attract the best freelancers and retain them. 

What are the Benefits of Switching to the FE Platform?

If you’re not already on the Field Engineer platform, then your business will find some benefits when you switch: 

  • Source top telecom engineers from all over the globe in minutes
  • Choose from a pool of freelance engineers that are already vetted and perfect for the job
  • Enhance your global stature by hiring outstanding talent in different countries
  • Keep track of your freelancers as they work
  • Enjoy a fast and secure payment system that eliminates the need for invoices

As you can see, contract workers resolve a lot of the key challenges faced when deploying 5G services. If you want a smooth implementation, then it makes sense to find the best freelance talent around. You can do this on the Field Engineer platform, and you can see the benefits it brings. 

Sign up today to ensure that 5G is deployed efficiently, correctly, and without incurring massive costs.

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