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What is a Cloud/NFVI Solution Architect?

A Cloud/NFVI is a person tasked with supervising an organization’s NFVI/cloud strategy. The role includes creating plans for how to implement solutions at scale, designing solutions to fit the company’s needs, and managing and monitoring cloud/NFVI implementations.

Telecom companies need solution architects who understand network functional virtualization and who can simulate how network nodes interact with one another, to create effective communication services. However, firms do not always need a cloud/NFVi solutions architect full-time and may receive better value hiring one on-demand.

Responsibilities of a Cloud/NFVI Solution Architect

Cloud/NFVi solutions architects have the following responsibilities:

  • Adjusting customer beliefs about the benefits and risks associated with cloud/NFVi solutions
  • Presenting information about solutions to customers
  • Managing software customization
  • Overseeing the delivery of cloud/NFVI projects end-to-end
  • Creating plans to ensure that projects will be delivered in a time and cost-effective manner
  • Boosting sales to existing customers
  • Providing feedback on existing systems and ensuring continued R&D

Qualification & Skills of Cloud/NFVI Solution Architect

Cloud/NFVi solutions architects typically need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics. Many firms also insist that candidates have at least three to five years working in the field, implementing solutions and projects for firms.

Cloud/NFVi solution architects also need to have experience with NFVi protocols, hypervisors, and an understanding of how the telecoms industry generates revenue through cloud-based services.

Many firms will also want candidates to display aptitude in negotiation, conflict resolution, creative problem-solving, sales pitches, and collecting information on the needs of customers. In short, those who want to work as a cloud/NFVi solution architects need a degree of business acumen to support their primary technical role.

Job Outlook

Many companies would now prefer to hire cloud/NFVi solutions architects on-demand, rather than on a full-time basis, leading to many opportunities for freelancers to strike out on their own. Freelancer cloud/NFVi solution architects enjoy the advantages of being independent, such as being able to choose the hours they work and how much holiday they take per year.

Freelancers can also work with a variety of clients, boosting their network and securing more lucrative pay in the future.

Salary for a Cloud/VFNI Solution Architect

Cloud solutions architects earn an average of $118,536 per annum, according to Payscale, with the highest earners netting more than $159,000 per year. Hourly rates average $65 but are often higher for freelancers compared to those who are full-time employed.

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Cloud/NFVi Solution Architect - Ericsson
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