Few Measures to Reduce the Inconveniences of Deploying 5G


Syed Ali


August 8, 2019

Few Measures to Reduce the Inconveniences of Deploying 5G

5G comes with a lot of benefits, but it also has plenty of inconveniences. Primarily, 5G deployment is much harder and more complex than you may initially think. It’s not the same as deploying 4G because this technology is different. 

5G is fast enough to replace your home wifi, so it requires a complete overhaul of cellular networks. As a result, this is time-consuming, expensive, and just downright difficult. So, what can be done to reduce the inconveniences of deploying 5G?

Hire Gig Workers

Hiring gig workers to handle your 5G deployment plan is a smart way to make it more convenient. Why? Because all the 5G deployment options require the use of premium skills in the telecom industry. As you can imagine, it costs a lot of money to acquire these skills for your business. 

Putting together a 5G team will cost an absolute fortune. On the other hand, gig workers are more affordable as they don’t come with extra baggage. You set the fee, and they provide the premium skills. 

How will Hiring Gig Workers Benefit Businesses?

As mentioned earlier, if you look at 5G vs. 4G, the main difference is how much grander 5G is. The 5G deployment challenges are extensive, and they revolve around getting the right infrastructure in place to deploy this technology. Not only that, but you need the right talent to help set the wheels in motion. 

Gig workers can be a benefit to businesses looking at different 5G deployment options because of their affordability and on-demand nature. They’re only required when you need them. You pay them for their service, then they go and do something else for someone else. The job gets done to the highest standards without you having to pay the highest prices!

5g Network Engineers

How can Businesses Get more ROI by Hiring Freelancers?

Whenever you spend money on anything, you want to take out as much ROI as possible. With regards to 5G deployment, freelancers can help you out. 

Think about it; how much does it cost to hire an in-house team of 5G network engineers

You pay their annual wage, you pay them when they’re sick/on holiday, you give them benefits, etc. The chances are you need more than one team member, so multiply all these costs! In the end, it’s super expensive. 

With a freelance network engineer, there’s just one cost. They’re paid for each job, and that’s it. So, it costs less to hire various freelance engineers than it does to put together a team. As a result, you spend less money, widening your returns when the 5G deployment is finished. 

How do You Spot and Nurture Quality Freelance Talent?

Everything that was just mentioned is only relevant when you get the best freelance talent. How can you do this? Well, here are a few things you should look for: 

  • Specific network engineering experience - e.g., previous work on 5G deployment
  • An extensive list of skills
  • Proven track record & highly rated by other companies
  • Exceptional knowledge and qualifications

Now, the best way to find talent that ticks all these boxes is on Field Engineer. By using this platform, you can post a job about your 5G deployment plan. Then, you’re greeted with applications from on-demand engineers that meet your requirements.

You only get the best applicants for the role, which assures you of their quality!

Any Tips for Retaining Skilled Gig Workers?

Maintaining working relationships with freelancers is always a good idea. It makes future jobs easier when you can contact the same person without going through the hiring process.

So, How do You Retain Your Talent?

  • Pay them well. People will always come back for more when there’s a decent payday involved for them. 
  • Give them positive feedback. This helps them find more work and grow their career. It also means they’ll like you and be willing to do more work for your business. 
  • Be nice to them! Communicate using positive language and don’t be blunt or frosty. If they enjoy their interactions with you, then they’ll happily work for you again. 
5g Benefits

What Benefits do Businesses Get when Switching to the FE Platform?

We mentioned that Field Engineer is the best place to find top talent. But, what benefits will you get from switching to this platform?

  • Locate the highest-rated freelance talent in the telecom industry 
  • Expand your global reach by hiring on-demand engineers all over the world
  • Cut down hiring time as all candidates are pre-vetted and matched to your specific job requirements
  • Easy communication through the platform dashboard
  • No need for invoices as payments are all made through Field Engineer

5G deployment will be an inconvenience for many businesses. If you’re struggling to figure out how to make it work, then hire some gig workers by signing up FE today. Get the most talented individuals to deploy your 5G network and save time & money.

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