Why it is Cost-Effective for Businesses to Hire Freelancers


Gary McCauley


August 22, 2019

Businesses of all shapes and sizes walk a fine line every day. They need to ensure that they allocate capital and resources to getting the job done to the highest standard. Yet at the same time, they face a constant battle to mitigate overhead costs. A great business needs a great team, but even the best team has blind spots in their knowledge, gaps in their experience and lacking skills that not even the most enthusiastic autodidact can teach themselves. 

Every team needs a helping hand every once in a while. Someone to help them in areas where their knowledge or expertise may be lacking such as deploying a new wireless network or migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud. In-demand jobs like this require the services of skilled and talented engineers. But can your cash flow handle the strain of keeping them on your payroll?

Perhaps it’s for this reason why so many businesses prefer hiring freelancers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why companies prefer to post freelance jobs online rather than expanding their team.



Freelancers Cost Less

Freelancer’s fees may be slightly more than the salary that someone on your job’s payroll might command throughout the project’s timeframe. However, even when a freelancer’s fee is on the high side (you do get what you pay for), they are still inherently cheaper than salaried workers.

Freelancers don’t require the expense or resources required for training or onboarding. They don’t need sick pay, holiday pay, medical, dental or other benefits. Thus, although pro-rata costs might be slightly higher, freelancers cost less in the long run.

Freelancers Tend to be More Productive

Freelancers for Businesses

Salaried workers can afford to rest on their laurels. They know (or assume) that they have job security and as such might not be as engaged or productive as a gig worker might on their on freelance jobs. Freelancers, after all, tend to be keen to accept whatever modicum of job security they can get and will always go the extra mile to keep clients happy and increase their chances of being invited back for the next job that comes along.

As such, although you might pay a premium for freelancers with particularly in-demand telecoms skills or to ensure that a tight deadline is met, you’ll likely get more bang for your buck with a freelancer. 

You Pay Per Project

There are few things more crippling to your cash flow than an employee whose talents are surplus to requirements. If you take on a telecoms engineer to oversee deployment of your network and communications, you may find that your network requires very little management and you’re stuck with someone on their payroll who (by no fault of their own) is left to do little to justify the expense they represent. 

By contrast, freelancers are taken on to do a very specific job. When they have carried out their task to your satisfaction, your obligation to one another ends. While you may well take a liking to each other and invite them back to carry out more work, you have far less cost obligation to freelancers.

They have the Exact Skills and Expertise You Need

Productivity is worth paying for. When you hire a freelancer you know that you’re getting someone with the exact skills, expertise , and experience you need for a particular project. And when you’re using the right resources, getting access to the people with the skills you need is a far faster and less cumbersome process than recruiting a salaried employee. 

It’s very liberating looking for someone who only needs to fit the bill for one specific project rather than someone who you’ll need to keep on the payroll for a wide range of future endeavors.

How Field Engineer can Help

There’s no need to scour freelance websites looking for the best engineering talent to suit your needs. Field Engineer is not only one of the world’s best freelance websites for beginners to crack into the industry. It’s also a robust yet easy-to-use platform which puts businesses just like yours in touch with the top engineering talent with the most in-demand telecommunications skills. 

When you sign up to Field Engineer, you get instant access to a wide range of benefits including;

  • Instant access to top telecoms talent from around the world for remote or on-site work. We have over 40,000 verified, vetted and experienced engineers working in 180 countries.
  • Help and advice to help you retain top freelancing talent.
  • Access our cloud-based platform no matter where you are via your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Enhance your reputation and build value in your brand by ensuring that you use the very best telecommunications talent. 
  • Real-time job tracking that facilitates effective time and resource management.
  • Proprietary AI technology to match your project to the perfect engineer.

Field Engineer can help you find the best freelancers and take control of your cash flow!



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