Freelance Engineering has Transformed Businesses in New York


Gary McCauley


May 8, 2019

With the largest economy on the East Coast and one of the most prosperous in the whole of the US, businesses in New York have a fundamental impact on the future of the country. The hub of many industries, New York has a thriving labor market and is recognized as the place where dreams are made – and realized.

Whilst healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education sectors are growing in the state, it is the professional, scientific and technical services industries which are evolving rapidly. As the only areas offering a faster-than-average rate of job growth, the career opportunities available for workers in these sectors are flourishing.

Using the IT industry in New York

Whilst the development of new technologies is effectively and industry-within-an-industry, the reliance on technology ensures that the IT sector is in continual demand. As other industries become more technologically advanced and rely increasingly on software, networks, and automation in order to function, they require IT services and specialists to operate.

Fortunately, the market has responded well to the continual demand for engineers and IT workers. Both businesses and IT specialists have fared well as a result of this change. Companies can now access IT services on-demand, and can avoid the need for costly full-time, in-house IT teams. Conversely, IT specialists can develop their skills in their chosen field, select projects they’re most interested in and work according to their own schedule.



Known as a gig economy, companies and workers operate on a project or service basis. Commissioned to carry out a particular project, such as a New York VoIP Operations Engineer being hired to install a new system, businesses can access specialist skills for as long as they need them but they successfully avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of hiring employees formally. Instead, the project can be subcontracted to the successful applicant and completed in accordance with the company’s needs and the terms of the contract.

Of course, many firms have on-going IT needs. Whether they rely on a New York professional engineer to act as a computer network support specialist or a certified expert to provide cybersecurity advice and implementation, most companies will need either on-going or ad hoc IT support.

Fortunately, the on-demand gig economy lends itself well to the IT sector. Whilst engineers can be commissioned for one-off projects, they can also be retained on longer-term arrangements. A company may use a network support administrator or a support analyst for a set number of hours per month, for example. With many IT specialists willing to take on long-term projects, businesses can benefit from on-going support and build a professional relationship with their subcontractor, without funding a full-time salary and without wading through the myriad of labor laws which goes alongside hiring a new employee.

Popular all over the country, the IT gig economy is particularly prominent in New York. In a state where companies continue to grow almost exponentially, the need for IT services increases accordingly. With this growth potential attracting some of the most talented workers in the industry, companies in New York have their pick from a pool of certified and experienced IT professionals and engineers.

What projects can freelance engineers work on?

Freelance engineers can assist with a wide array of projects, and the range of talent available in New York ensures niche projects and specialty tasks can easily be carried out by appropriately-qualified engineers. In fact, there are over 300,000 different job types in the IT industry, so you’ll be sure to find the help you need when you outsource your requirements to specialist IT workers and engineers.

Whether you need a cybersecurity analyst to assess your current security system and recommend enhancements, a field service technician to provide on-site assistant in a retail business or Cisco SD-Wan engineer to install a new SD-Wan system in your workplace, you can find reputable engineers to perform the work on a freelance basis in New York.

For companies in New York, a significant advantage of the on-demand economy is the ability to access a wide range of talent, whenever you need it. The IT industry is continually evolving and, as it does, new specialisms emerge. For many businesses, simply relying on one IT engineer is no longer a realistic option. Instead, working with numerous experts across a range of specialisms enables companies to access the expertise they need, whilst taking a cohesive approach to the business needs as a whole.

Furthermore, there are freelance workers who are looking for projects of all sizes. Whether you need a disaster recovery specialist to work 24/7 to get your business back up and running, a Microsoft certified solutions engineer to ensure your software is running smoothly or a network service desk engineer to provide on-going support, you can get just what you need from New York’s on-demand workforce.

Finding New York Freelancers with Field Engineer

Although the gig economy provides businesses with an unending stream of qualified and certified IT specialists, companies need to know where to look to access the best talent. Field Engineer has been at the forefront of the on-demand economy and we’re able to connect reputable and reliable IT professionals with the companies who need them.

With over 1,600+ freelance IT engineers on the East Coast alone, Field Engineer has one of the largest pool of specialist subcontractors at our fingertips. With a straightforward job application process, businesses can simply state their needs and wait for applicants to get in touch. Available for same-day, next-day, night shifts, and long-term projects, you can get help from expert IT engineers and workers whenever you need it.

If your company operates in New York and you want to access professional and specialist IT services, whilst cutting company costs and reducing overheads, why wait?

Businesses in the Big Apple are finding incredible success in hiring freelance engineers on Field Engineer. Join the ranks of these companies that are saving time and money – sign up for free today!



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