Field Engineer

Field Engineer

Field Engineer Can help Your Business with Common Projects


Malik Zakaria


December 10, 2018

Are you looking for field engineers to complete jobs and provide solutions for clients in your business? Using Field Engineer, you will have access to a platform that has over 40,000 different engineers operating in more than 170 countries around the globe that are available for freelance engineering jobs. The engineers available through our platform are experts, highly qualified and many are armed with advanced degrees. This means that they can use their unique skill sets to assist in a wide range of different projects from installation to configuration and wireless install to site surveys. You’ll be amazed at the range of possibilities available when you tap into Field Engineer’s unique service and solution.

Introduction to Field Engineer

You might be wondering what specific jobs our field engineers can handle. Here are just some of the many possibilities that could be beneficial in your business.

Install Hardware

You might be looking for an engineer to handle an installation. Installations require expertise with a variety of different computer products from brands like Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many more. Rest assured, we have specialists passionate and trained with all these brands to help you handle installs for your clients quickly with a quality set up. Using our efficient service, we can even provide you with an engineer capable of completing wireless installs, ensuring that clients get the right set up they need.

Rack & Stack

Rack & Stack is a term commonly used by technical operators which means setting up a computer and installing it within a system or cabinet. This can be one of the physical tasks when establishing a computer network for a client or an essential part of delivering new hardware to their property. It’s crucial that computer systems are set up the correct way to ensure that they can be used effectively. Each model requires a different type of setup and installation or configuration. You’ll find our local field engineers can fill any rack & stack job you need in record time.

Activating a WAN Circuit

Configuring Wide Area Network (WAN) configurations is a tricky, technical task and does require an employee who is highly qualified and fully trained. Luckily, many of our field engineers do have advanced degrees and are completely equipped for this type of task. They can make sure that devices that are separated by large geographical areas are connected effectively, throughout the state, province or country. This means that your clients will be able to connect their network to different company sites or indeed different offices. With a WAN circuit, individual LANs can be connected effectively.

LAN Implementation

A LAN or local area network is used to connect different terminals, workspaces, computers and printers on the same digital network. With the correct LAN implementation, clients can gain a fully operational computer network that provides all the benefits they need. For this to work, routers and switches must be set up correctly for the fastest possible connection to different computer systems. The installation will often require a highly specific configuration; however, our expert engineers can handle this job with ease. In no time at all, you can have full LAN circuits that will provide lightning fast connections to your clients.

NRFU Testing

Once a LAN or WAN circuit has been set up it’s important to make sure that the network is operating effectively. Issues here can include slow download speeds, poor level connections or individual areas not operating on the networks. Clients want their network to work effectively as soon as it’s set up. That’s why NRFU testing is essential. With a Network ready for use test, the configuration can be checked for individuals’ routers and switches. You will be able to make sure that clients have no issues once their company starts operating on the new network created for them. NRFU testing can also be used to highlight and correct a specific issue. You’ll easily be able to find a local field engineer qualified for this job at a minimum cost and quickly provide the support your client needs.

Project Management

A project manager can make sure that each area of project is being handled effectively and efficiently. They will take control and manage specific areas of a job you are completing for a client and make sure that any issues are quickly rectified. Due to the level of skill and experience needed project management engineers can be an expensive hire. However, with our service, these freelance engineering jobs can be handled at a far lower cost by an expert with an advanced degree. These can manage your project from a data center or on-site and ensure that clients are provided a high-quality service that you can be proud of.

Site Survey

A site survey is often a crucial part of any project particularly where an installation is necessary. The area needs to be inspected and information must be gathered before work can begin. The sooner the site survey is completed, the sooner progress can occur on an individual project. The type of inspection for a site survey will be determined by an individual project. For instance, specialized construction like the location of a telescope may be necessary for wireless installs.

Additional Projects

Beyond the typical installation or configuration, our freelance engineers can help you with various other tasks as well. For instance, you could hire a freelance security engineer to handle the protection of a datacenter. Or, you may want to check the circuits and systems on a specialist computer network.

Using these solutions, you will be able to gain an efficient service for your clients locally at a price that is far more competitive than a permanent employee. The options are endless for what projects Field Engineer can help you with. Tap into Field Engineer’s on-demand workforce to save your business time and money!


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