VoIP Operations Engineer

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Introduction to VoIP Operations Engineer

A VoIP Operations Engineer is responsible for the creation, building, testing and deployment of professional Voice over Internet Protocol solutions geared towards business clients and large organizations. They should be able to take care of a number of different responsibilities such as the monitoring and maintenance of a large and sophisticated VoIP system. This includes handling level 2 support escalations and also keeping track of telephony traffic patterns in order to provide support should an anomaly be detected. This means that a VoIP Operations Engineer must be able to respond to critical alerts that could hinder the day-to-day operations of an organization.

Monitoring and resolving voice and network protocol communication issues is an integral part of what a VoIP Operations Engineer does. The position plays an integral role in coordinating the design and deployment of an enterprise VoIP solution for the client which can have a drastic effect on the interconnectivity of a large-scale company that operates in several locations and also their scalability. Tools for automated quality assurance must also be developed and deployed so that the system can continue to function optimally even if the VoIP Operations Engineer is not available or if their contract has come to an end.

Freelance VoIP Operations Engineers will need to work with existing technicians in order to produce enterprise solutions for the client organization. This could mean assisting with the migration of the upgrade of VoIP services, and they also play an active role in maintaining the efficiency of the solution.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The core responsibility of a VoIP Operations Engineer is in evaluating products and services offered by third-party vendors that can be used as part of an organization’s VoIP solution. This means designing and implementing VoIP services for both LAN and WAN hardware modules while taking into consideration the current network capacity.

This means that research plays an important part in what a VoIP Operations Engineer does. They must understand what emerging technologies will become available soon and also network with suppliers in order to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions that can bolster the infrastructure of a company’s VoIP solution. The client’s needs and requirements will also need to be taken into consideration especially when advance service products are involved.

Regardless of freelance or employed position, a VoIP Operations Engineer must collaborate with all existing staff and suppliers and develop integration strategies that meet the client’s requirements. This often means taking control of the management of high-priority projects and also creating documentation, reports and even technical presentations to explain the project and its intricacies to those involved.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications & Certifications

A VoIP Operations Engineer is expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics or any related field. Businesses will always prefer individuals with professional experience in the field, but highly specialized knowledge on a resume can also advantageous in finding employment opportunities as a VoIP Operations Engineer.

In terms of certifications, the following will be useful to have on a resume to stand out from the competition:

In addition to academic requirements and professional certifications, a VoIP Operations Engineer is also expected to have:

  • An analytical mindset that can understand the intricacies of a large-scale VoIP solution
  • Computer skills that extend to both hardware and software
  • Communication skills that enable the specialist to collaborate with existing teams of engineers while also being able to explain complicated processes to non-technical members of staff
  • Multitasking skills that enable the engineer to work on simultaneous tasks while also being able to prioritize and categorize issues based on their severity and importance
  • The problem-solving ability that allows the engineer to quickly resolve issues that arise in a large-scale VoIP or computer network.

Skills & Job Outlook

Demand for VoIP Operations Engineers and other similar networking and IT specialist roles will increase due to the high demand of scalable IT infrastructure in growing businesses and existing corporations that are looking to take advantage of new technologies. Businesses are willing to invest a lot of money into qualified and experienced professionals.


According to Indeed and Comparably, the average salary for a VoIP Operations Engineer varies between $84,140 to $120,000 per annum.

Advantages of Being a Freelance VoIP Operations Engineer

Freelancers in the industry have the opportunity of taking on multiple projects as a VoIP Operations Engineer. For a freelancer that is adept at multitasking, this can result in far more income than what is reported by both Indeed and Comparably. Freelancers also have the freedom of charging their own rates and working in conditions that they prefer.

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