Avaya Certified Solutions Architect

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Avaya Certified Solutions Architects take an architectural approach toward designing and implementing software. Architects create software solutions and delve into the complex business issues. They must have a deep technical knowledge and have excellent IT skills. They should also have the ability to develop a unified approach to creating software.

The certified professional will implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex networks. They deal with real-time communications architectures across diverse multi-vendor environments, employing best practices and real-life network designs.

Job Description

First and foremost, Avaya Certified Solutions Architects offer technical and analytical support to their clients. They must identify, analyze and resolve issues relating to highly complex computer systems. The specialist must evaluate organizational needs and creating Avaya-based solutions based on them. They should examine customer data and voice typologies to assist in modeling, analysis, and planning.

The specialist collaborates with members of other departments to resolve disputes relating to system design, quality control, and security. They deal with multiple technology providers and assist in integration analysis and test plans. The professional makes recommendations and approvals relating to major system installations. They create software with engineering, business, and database management functionality.

They should have sufficient technical understanding of products. The professionals can participate in the creation of diagrams that depict both existing and proposed environments. Having proper knowledge of Avaya ASD Quoting tools and processes is an added advantage.

The Avaya Certified Solutions Architect specialist must develop customer solutions and documenting them. It is they who should identify business opportunities and helping organizations develop them. They participate in application development that includes web communication and customer engagement technology.

The professional interacts with important customers so as to recognize and establish performance indicators that will meet customer requirements. They advise and propose changes by analyzing requirements and available technology.

Job Description

Educational Requirements

Avaya Certified Solutions Architects must have a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or a related discipline. Some employers want people who have a Master’s degree or a specific specialization. Organizations also tend to select those who have prior work experience.

Useful Certifications

Avaya Certified Solutions Specialist (ACSS)

This certification is for those who have a strong knowledge of design, implementation, and troubleshooting of voice and real-time communication architectures for enterprises, using the latest solutions, technologies and protocols.

Salary and Future Outlook

According to Indeed.com, Avaya Certified Solutions Architect earn from $81,262 per year for a VOIP Engineer to $112,264 per year for a Senior IT Consultant. This information has been collected from employees, users and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the last 36 months. It is expected that there will be an increase in demand for people with these skills in the coming years.

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