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Field Engineer

New York’s Reputation as the Best Tech City Enables Startups to Prosper


Malik Zakaria


February 20, 2019

A report compiled by Paul Tostevin, Associate Director for Savills in London, showed that in terms of business and tech environment, city buzz, talent pools, real estate costs and mobility, New York has become the world’s leading tech city, beating both San Francisco and London. Although San Francisco still offers a slightly better tech environment and lower real estate costs, New York comes out on top with a far better business environment which has lead to the growth of many new startups.

This has given New York a reputation of being the number one location for new startups to prosper thanks to both home grown and outside talent being at an all-time availability high in New York. This has caught the attention of venture capital investments but also overseas specialists that are looking to broaden their horizons and join both existing tech giants that operate in New York and also new ambitious startups with promising room for growth.

However, this growth into the world’s leading tech city has also attracted the attention of the B2B marketplace especially as operating costs increase and competition becomes fierce. Field Engineer currently offers one of the fastest-growing global talent marketplaces in the world and is based in New York. With specialists in both engineering and tech across 190 different countries, Field Engineer is boosting the amount of available talent in telecom and internet industries by providing an on-demand workforce that is both affordable and readily available.

On-demand workforces are not a new concept, but Field Engineer’s international approach gives it a presence across the globe and not just in a confined geographic location. This has enabled Field Engineer to provide smart hands services to global retailers and software companies, delivering on-site support services such as break-fix maintenance, annual maintenance services and CPE installation services. This has opened up more opportunities for businesses in the telecoms and internet industries to partner with clients overseas without the need to invest resources into expanding into another country. Instead, with Field Engineer’s on-demand workforce, field services can come at a fraction of the price and at reduced risk.

Field Engineer’s global services have disrupted the computer systems support and telecom industry in a number of different ways.

  • Reduced risks. Hiring freelance talent on a per-project basis is something that the telecoms and computer systems support industries have been doing for a while. The reliance on field services and smart hands is a given, but hiring freelancers with few credentials and limited experience can be a risky move. With Field Engineer, every engineer and tech specialist is vetted beforehand to ensure consistent quality no matter which country the services take place in.
  • Reduced labor costs. Another common advantage in hiring specialists on a global marketplace like Field Engineer is the ability to cut labor and operating costs. Personnel-related expenses are a common candidate when it comes to budget cuts and with vetted freelance engineers, you can drastically reduce labor costs while simultaneously improving overall workforce flexibility and scalability.
  • Ability to scale operations. Talent at Field Engineer is certified in their respective industries, meaning that there’s no training period required in order to recruit skilled experts that can scale your operations. This is in comparison to hiring a full-time employee who can be time-consuming to train, or hiring a skilled specialist full-time which means higher labor costs. By being able to bring on a specialist for each growth-related task, you lower overall personnel costs and improve the rate at which you can scale your operations.
  • Specialist services. A scalable on-demand workforce means that you have the luxury of picking and choosing specialists depending on what services you require. You might require experts that understand CPE installation services or you could require the help of a solutions manager to lead your development team. With Field Engineer’s AI-powered matching tools, you can quickly and easily find the specialist you need to help complete your projects with minimal time wasted.
  • No administrative burden. Lastly, Field Engineer takes out the administrative burden for both businesses and engineers that are looking for employment. Since everything is handled by the systems implemented by Field Engineer, the only concern that businesses have is describing the job and paying for the completed project. This allows both businesses to quickly find the right specialist for the task and worry less about administrative duties while engineers can focus on their work and less on finding contracts to line up in order to receive a steady income.

Taking advantage of top-tier talent often involves high salaries and benefit packages due to the nature of full-time employment positions. However, this is prohibitively expensive for startups and severely reduces their chances of flourishing as a successful company. Personnel costs need to be kept low in order for a startup to prosper, and this is why Field Engineer is in a great position.

Not only is it the fastest-growing marketplace for engineering and tech talent, but Field Engineer is also a source of consistent employment opportunities for specialists around the world. This has attracted many engineering and tech experts to leave the comfort of their full-time employment and seek more opportunities to work on their own terms with a service like Field Engineer. It has also attracted global talent that was previously locked by their geographical location, enabling telecoms and internet industries to provide quality services to their customers all over the world.

With such a large pool of talent available in New York and growing opportunities for specialists around the world, Field Engineer is in a great position to offer specialist B2B marketplace services for all the ambitious startups that will be set up in New York over the next couple of years. Whether it’s an on-demand workforce or field services across the world, Field Engineer offers scalable and affordable options for growing telecoms and internet organization and will be a key factor in helping new startups proposer.

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