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Jan 29, 2018

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The NOC Engineer

A Network Operation Center Engineer, or a NOC engineer is an expert in the management and monitoring of a network from any centralized location. A technical NOC team is comprised of skilled IT, NOC technicians. They watch the IT environment, and make certain the uptime and connectivity of the IT systems are seamless 24/7.

The Main Responsibilities of the NOC Technician

The NOC Technicians resolve any issues related to the servers, networks and telecommunications by consistently troubleshooting and monitoring. The skills required for a NOC, or Network Operations Center include Network Support, network administration and management, switching and routing, and Linux. Their responsibilities are extensive.

The Fundamental Responsibilities of the NOC Engineer

The NOC Engineer is responsible for strict monitoring of multiple networks and systems. They must maintain the IT systems uptime. They consistently monitor network errors, malware, and all issues pertaining to security. Their decisions must be accurate to maintain organizational efficiency and an ideal network.

  • Troubleshooting and Resolution

The NOC Engineer resolves all issues concerning the IT services. The NOC Engineer uses standard procedures to troubleshoot and resolve any issues concerning the network. They are always working with other IT teams, customers and vendors to enhance the route performance.

  • Alarm Handling and Escalation

The NOC technician’s principle role is troubleshooting all the technical and quality related issues. In some instances, the issues are far too complex to be fixed quickly. This is when the NOC technician must approach the upper management for assistance. They must simultaneously maintain communication with the vendors and the team to ensure they remain updated on any issues.

  • Client Interaction

The NOC engineer must regularly interact with the customers. They must additionally treat the customers with diplomacy and politeness. Although the role of the NOC technician varies slightly according to the situation, they must handle both the non-technical and technical requirements for the customer.

  • Documentation and Reporting

The NOC technician provides network assistance by working in close contact with the vendors and clients. The NOC technician must ensure their knowledge base is current and accurate, and all technical issues must be tracked and documented in a detailed format. Many NOC teams use a ticketing system to enable them to update details every minute regarding the current issues being resolved.

The Additional Capabilities of the NOC Technician

1) Email hosting services
2) Voice and video data management
3) Documentation and reporting
4) Data storage management
5) Power failure monitoring
6) Manage system back-ups
7) Vendor ticket management
8) Supervising common threats, DOS attacks and viruses
9) Hardware configuration including firewalls and routers
10) Network analysis and routine troubleshooting
11) Maintaining the stability of the core network
12) Engaging in call-out rotation shifts 24/7 whenever necessary
13) The identification and prevention of any potential issues regarding the network
14) Making recommendations for improvements in organizational productivity and the network

The Educational Requirements of the NOC Engineer

A Bachelor degree in Computer Science is a requirement for all full-time NOC engineers. This is because the courses cover an extensive variety of topics in relation to computers. The course provide all the necessary information for network security, information technology, designing, programming, and network administration and computer algorithms.
The four-year Computer Science Bachelor degree enables students to begin a career as a NOC engineer. The core subjects teach the students how to understand and troubleshoot a wide variety of network errors and the related complications. Due to the fact there are no prerequisites to being a NOC engineer, once the students have graduated they can start their careers immediately. Excellent written and oral communications skills are an extra advantage for this career.

Noc Engineers

The Job Skills and Requirements

The NOC engineer’s general responsibilities include responding to alerts, supporting calls, and communicating with the technicians to ensure all incidents are resolved. The NOC technician must maintain documentation for all queries and solutions related to technology. They are responsible for the maintenance and management of the customer’s infrastructure.

The Skill sets for a NOC Engineer

1. The support, configuration, maintenance and upgrading of all networks and infrastructures for corporate clients
2. Good knowledge of Sysadmin and Linux skills
3. The desire to learn and develop all necessary technical skills
4. Strong analytical thinking
5. A working knowledge of the VOIP technology
6. Strong skills in working with clients and communication
7. Work experience in IT regarding the support and resolution of hardware and software issues
8. The ability to multi-task
9. The use of creativity to solve problems
10. A core knowledge of network cabling, network classification and network topology

The Most Common Job Requirements for a NOC Technician

1. A Bachelor degree in Information Technology or Computer Science
2. An excellent understanding of technologies, operating systems, networking, anti-virus, back-ups, systems and firewalls
3. A good knowledge regarding a minimum of one of the following vendor products, Juniper, VMWare, Microsoft and Cisco
4. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and able to handle multiple support cases as required
5. Good communications skills in writing for documentation
6. Customer-oriented, and capable of providing high levels of satisfaction for the clients
7. Able to work on a team in addition to various shifts

The Full-Time vs Freelance Salary for the NOC Technician

NOC Engineer salary

According to the Department of Labor, the full-time salary for a NOC engineer working in the United States is between $15 and $27 per hour. The average is $21 per hour. The salary is as high as $29 per hour for a freelance NOC engineer. This is because a freelancer is not on a specific time frame, and their working hours depend on the specific requirements of the project. This provides more fluctuation than with a full-time employee.

The Certification Course

NOC Engineer Certification

Since a NOC engineer has no specific license requirements, the number of certification courses offered are extremely limited. There are certification that can increase the employment opportunities available for a NOC technician.

a. The Cisco Career Certification
b. The MCTS, or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification
c. The MCIPT, or Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification
d. The Microsoft SQL Server Certification
e. The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The NOC engineer can increase their skills by achieving a certification in wireless network systems, routing and switching and network designing and security. Completing a Microsoft IT certification course is also a tremendous help.

The Future of NOC Engineer Jobs

The future for NOC engineers is constantly growing. There is a large demand because they are required to sit at the system for the entire day, and must communicate with the technicians until their job has been completed.

  • The Global Network Operations Center

The GNOC, or the global network operations center is the future. Two network operators in different locations can ensure the users smooth connectivity in yet another location. An ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification teaches the utilization of IT as a tool for people and organizations. This helps the NOC engineer rise in their career.

  • Information security operations center (ISOC or SOC)

The ISOC, SOC, or information security operations center analyst monitors the flow of data and prevents malicious activities. The responsibilities also include the identification and analyzing of threats requiring vulnerability prevention.

  • The Broadcast Engineer

The broadcast engineer’s responsibilities vary depending on whether they work for radio, new media or television. Their main responsibility is ensuring the program is broadcast on time, and the quality is high.

  • The Master Control Operator

The responsibilities of a master control operator are to monitor the quality and accuracy of the on-air products. They additionally ensure the operation is continuous.

  • The NetOps Specialist

The NetOps specialist is responsible for monitoring the operation of the network. They must respond accurately to all events and alerts. They also ensure the continuity regarding any unresolved problems by reviewing the ticketing tools.

The NOC Team vs the Help Desk

The NOC team and the help desk are different, and the terms are not interchangeable. The help desk deals directly with the clients, and handles the questions on the front-line. The MSP’s or Managed Service Providers contact the NOC team when they are experiencing issues or difficulties regarding the networks. There issues are quickly fixed by the NOC team, and the uptime of the client is ensured.

A Career as a Freelance NOC Engineer has more than 35,000 engineers working on diverse projects. This is an excellent opportunity to begin a career as a freelance NOC engineer, or move forward in an existing career. The FieldEngineer App is available for iOS and Android devices at the App Store and on Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded, connecting with prospective clients while on the move is simple and easy.

Noc Engineers

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