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Gary McCauley


September 20, 2019

Do you need data center services in your telecom business? Data center services are used to enhance a data center as well as the general operations and maintenance. This ensures that crucial elements work effectively including storage, networking, processing, and management. Services can either be provided too or from a data center. 

FE Data Center Services

FE offers data center support services to aid the transition of OEMs and enterprises to a hybrid IT environment. This is possible through management, automation and IT operation support. 

With this solution, FE will provide the right talent, technology, and security for every process. This can be accomplished on-site, on the cloud and within the computer network to ensure the full optimization of the IT infrastructure and the cloud itself. 

With full automation and management capabilities provided, businesses can select and hire the right data center talent. This ensures that you can focus on key initiatives in your business and avoiding spending higher amounts of money on full-time employees. 

With FE data center support services, you will be able to hire experts on-site regardless of where you are based in the world. FE has a pool of talent that stretches across 190 countries, so regardless of where you are, you'll be able to gain the support you need anywhere, any time. 

Data Center Support Technicians

Using these services OEMs and enterprises will be able to hire 3 tier technicians. This guarantees that every client can get a rapid resolution to issues in their business model. Services include:

Data Center Support Technicians
  • Level-1 Techs - These experts respond rapidly to trouble tickets on email or through the phone and troubleshoot routine problems.
  • Level-2 Techs - They provide support in a key area and as such can resolve more specific issues.
  • Level-3 Techs - These handle the most complex issues and requests 

FE also provides access to the Cisco and network engineers to handle issues with these areas of the IT network. Ultimately with FE, you can gain access to a service where you will be able to discover highly skilled data center technicians. They will act on your behalf and by direction with both remote and smart solutions possibilities. 

With more than 40,000 staff for technical support, companies can also tap in and gain expert solutions that will help them reduce downtime and save money. This ensures that a business continues to operate effectively on the market. 

What Is The Digital Transformation Of Infrastructure?

Businesses must ensure that they are ahead of the curve and preparing their company models for digital transformation. They need to ensure that efficiency levels are increased and that they can reach customer demand. It’s possible to do this by hiring the absolute best freelance talent to complete jobs in their business. 

With a modern data center solution, you can achieve effective digital transformation. FE can ensure that data on-premises is maintained while the workload is repositioned using the latest cloud data center services. Similarly, a hybrid approach ensures a high level of scalability and a fully accessible infrastructure. 

With the support of FE, leaders of the IT industry will also be able to achieve high levels of productivity, ensure that their business is more flexible and increase security. At the same time, costs can be significantly reduced too. Everything can be streamlined from telecom solutions to IT services and remote workforce management. 

Data Center Disaster Recovery Services

Data Center Disaster Recovery Services 

With FE, it’s also possible to access IT professionals to handle disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is a crucial element of any business model. You must be prepared for the worst and ensure that your business will regain levels of function quickly. Similarly, crucial elements of your business set up should be back up and running in minutes. 

With on-demand talent, disaster recovery time can be kept low while technology such as fibery connectivity between data centers can ensure a constantly efficient process. Due to this using the right team, business continuity can be achieved regardless of geographical reach. 

This includes support for recovery service levels to ensure that critical applications are prioritized. 

Technical Support is a fantastic solution for technical support which will allow you to fix client issues fast. Efficiency is greatly improved without negatively impacting the costs of your business. 

With this fast-growing platform, you can gain access to technical support in minutes, ideal for a multi-vendor IT environment. Again, this allows you to increase flexibility and rapidly deliver an exceptional service. 

All routine tasks involved in data center services can be handled effectively in your IT environment. Your data center care and support can quickly expand too with on-hand expertise. There’s no confusion with this option and absolutely no delays. 

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Do you need to install new equipment or maintain existing systems? FE  can ensure doing both is simple and allow data centers to adapt quickly to changes that could be disrupting business processes. Existing data centers can be quickly modernized to help transform your business model. At the same time, your on-demand IT professionals will work with you to remove and tackle challenges that you can stumble into with data center management. 

List of Data Center Services 

Running your business, you don’t want to manage, to build or maintain your own data centers. This is too expensive and too difficult to keep the process scalable. That’s why you need to rely on freelance agents. By doing this, you can gain experts to manage the day to day operations and handle issues like migration with ease. This is going to free up more of the time of your internal staff allowing you to deliver a superior level of customer support. 

Data Center Solution

With FE, you can gain a data center solution with a talent for network, storage, hardware and service support. Does your company provide enterprise software? If so, your customers may expect you to deliver hardware. FE can eliminate this distraction and ensure that you achieve higher levels of innovation, guaranteed to impress clients. 

We hope this helps you understand how FE can be your secret weapon when setting up data center services for your business and your clients.

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