Datacenter Network Engineer

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A Datacenter Network Engineer is a skilled professional who plays a multifaceted role in unifying the daily operations of Network Operations Centers (NOC). They help in interconnecting physical and network-based devices with the equipment required of data center facilities. They assist in maintaining digital connections among data center infrastructure nodes to ensure that these nodes communicate and transfer data to internal and external environments post-validation.

What is Data Center?

The Data Centers is a place were computer systems and related devices, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup devices and infrastructure for power supply, data communications, along with environmental controls.

Data centers are largely used by the behemoths likes Google, Microsoft, Equinox, CyrusOne, IBM, Amazon, Akamai technologies, and many more.

For most of the organizational setup, companies’ are looking more intellect and combination taking place at the network design layer. The most significant development in networking includes incorporation with related services, the addition of cloud, and network virtualization. Security engineer also plays a vital role along with the network engineer facilitating the global network demands of an organization.

The primary reason for modern data center networking is to accommodate the massive workload of multiple machines on the network, as IT businesses continue to flourish at breakneck speed. Hence a need for managing the data center network has arisen.

A Datacenter Networking Engineer understands the needs of the hour, and thus they assist in installing and maintaining network servers, clients, applications and middleware with a unified map for seamless execution of multiple datacenters under one roof using TCP/IP.

Empowering green data centers and the cloud with renewable energy lies in the mainstream of trending technologies. It is the priority for every organization engaged in IT business in a global and freelance marketplace.

Job Description

The Data Center Engineers are the professionals who look after the datacenter set up and help in keeping the enterprise infrastructure functioning properly. Some of the essential task followed by them is to perform cable management.

A perfect engineering team of a data center team provides the right mix of networking solution to achieve the optimum network performance. The design implementation of a particular data center largely depends on the planning structure of an engineer for better productivity. The priority task of an engineer goes to proper cable management.

It is not just to connect the wires and start configuration of the related software. A well-disciplined group of Datacenter Engineer documents secures, and color codes the wiring for easy access at the time of fault detection or whenever required. They prepare the right catalog. They should look after the LAN / WAN connections to enhance the better network experience.  

In terms of the data center setting, a data center engineer also may perform a lot of work around functions and support for the Data Center facility. However, the job responsibilities depend from one company to another.
As a Data Center Engineer should be able to manage the power sources, heating and cooling controls inside the facility.

Datacenter Network Engineer Job Description

Following are the Official Responsibilities of a Datacenter Engineer

  • Provide network WAN/LAN design, implementation, consulting and leadership for data and congregated communication infrastructure utilizing CISCO equipment.
  • Monitor the data network infrastructure for proper functionality to accomplish seamless business operations while keeping in mind client satisfaction and regulatory compliance.
  • Perform design integration for complex, cross-functional systems and lead technical design reviews of various infrastructure projects and function as a high-level technical resource.
  • Gather, combine and analyze business and technical requirements from critical constituents. Recommend appropriate technological designs and solutions that align with business requirements, the company’s technical strategy and which provides the most efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Lead and monitor the delivery of specialized networks along with the analysis of requirements, internal proposals and tool selection with proper implementation per the stakeholders’ guidelines.
  • Evaluate and implement designs for WAN/LAN architectures, oversee network traffic analysis, bandwidth and advise modification to the network configuration as per cost efficiency.
  • Execute circuit turn-up testing and handoff to operations team for acceptance.
  • Monitor risk management and scheduled maintenance protocols efficiently.

Skills & Certification Required

With a surge in demand, the following skills and certification will boost employment options for a candidate possessing a primary degree in computer science or IT:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) experience
  • Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) capabilities
  • Experience with load balancing and unified communications
  • Network engineering experience

Expertise in data centers infrastructure hardware such as Nexus 5500/5000/3500, Fabric Extenders, F5 ADCs, UCS chassis, and UCS Fabric Interconnects enhances candidate desirability.

Future of Datacenter

The cloud is shifting how businesses are operating. The enterprise growth is gradually determined by how sound a company replies to its customers’ different requirements, the vital to imagine products and services in a front-to-reverse order, where customer needs stimulate business offerings, is set to grow. The cloud market is taking over the current situation for all storage and networking products. Organizations face challenges to address it.

Datacenter Network Engineer Salary

As per paysa report, a full-time Datacenter Engineer Salary ranges from $85,012 to $128,956 per annum in the United States. Based on experience level a certified Data Center Engineer can have the potential to earn more and at the same time can enjoy the flexibility for different projects. and you

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