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Full-Time vs. Freelance Field Engineer Salary.

What is The Average Field Engineer Salary?

What is the average field engineer salary? Rather a difficult question to answer, as median pay varies greatly and depends on a number of factors, including the type of company and contract, education, years of experience, and additional certification. Approximately, the median salary is ca. $62,000 per annum, with the usual range from $50,508 to $89,000.

Field Service Engineer Salary Demystified

The above mentioned is an estimated field service engineer salary, disregarding the bonuses and profit sharing. These especially vary depending on the employer and years of experience in the field. Senior engineering positions generate generous bonuses, but that holds true for all professions.

Field Engineers’ Responsibilities

Field engineers must have in-depth understanding of technological services their company provides, including installing, maintaining, and replacing the machines.  They repair/replace the parts of the machinery as needed. Because of that, field engineers travel a lot to different locations – wherever their services are needed.

That is by no means their only role. Field engineers also design all necessary modifications in order to maximize efficiency and safety. Depending on their professional background, some engineers may also be in charge of verifying product prototypes, developing and implementing technology procedures, and examining products for any potential flaws.

Further out, field engineers provide technical support on project evaluation, design, installation, and maintenance. They analyze costs and the demand in order to come up with optimum project recommendations. Their professional guidance is welcome both by clients and staff when it comes to technical issues.

Field Engineering Meets Other Engineering Branches

Engineering is a vast field. It is no wonder, therefore, that new roles are designed for skilled professionals, as the need arises. As it happens, it does continuously. Given that field engineers hold degrees in various subjects, it is not rare to see them switch to a whole new, but acquainted, branch, as to attain professional satisfaction.

Computer engineering is a good example of that. IT jobs  are ever-increasing. With the field expanding at a rapid pace, many engineers find it beneficial to obtain additional certification and thus enhance their job prospects.

There are various occupations to choose from when it comes to IT, and many more are being created on the go. The best example of the latter is cloud computing, a rising trend projected to replace existing routines.

IT engineers may choose to specialize in hardware, software, and networking, broadly speaking. There has been a gradual increase in iOS and Android developer jobs, but traditional computers have not been neglected either.

Regardless of the chosen specialization, IT engineers may expect high salaries in the long run. The demand for IT professionals has increased by 22% in mere five years and is projected to skyrocket 17% by 2024. This is an above-average rise in demand, which speaks volumes about the benefits the profession renders.

Median pay for hardware engineers is $111,730 per annum, with salaries ranging from $65,570 to $167,100. Median pay for applications software developers is $102,160, and for systems software developers – $108,760.

Freelance Engineering

Freelance Engineering

Engineering is mobile by its very definition. Take field engineers for example; they spend more time on locations than indoors. IT engineers are also often required to pay visits to customers- either in order to communicate technical information or to deal with hardware/software malfunctions. Similar examples may be found in all other engineering branches.

Because of that, engineers often choose to work freelance. On top of granting a far richer job offer, that also allows them to pick project-based work and keep to their schedule. Many IT engineers work remotely. This holds particularly true in case of developing countries; outsourcing is in its full swing.

Engineers nationwide also have it better that way. No need to particularly underline that the local offer is always poorer than the global. Even if it is a bigger city within the same state, the difference is still considerable.

Finding Freelance Engineering Jobs

Freelance engineering jobs are to be found literally everywhere on the wide web. Freelance job sites are all but scarce, but those usually cover all kinds of professions. What a skilled engineer needs, however, is a specialized online marketplace.

Of those there are but a few, and the best one by far is Field Engineer. This online platform for engineers has several selling points. Firstly, it is fully automated. Upon creating an account, an engineer only needs define their skill set and upload the credentials. Field Engineer does all necessary background checks and filters out only the offer the specific engineer will be interested in. Since the engineer isn’t required to provide any additional information, the selection process is shortened significantly. Field Engineer sends job alerts on a daily basis, with the platform being accessible through iOS and Android.

If it is beneficial for engineers, it may be even more prosperous for employers. Not only do they get to cut on the costs of logistics and time wasted on lengthy candidate selections, but they also negotiate the terms with potential candidates directly. In that way, both sides are guaranteed satisfaction.

The system works rather efficiently. Once the engineer has negotiated and agreed the terms with the employer, Field Engineer reserves the funds to be released after project completion. Set in place is also a real-time progress tracking option that keeps the employer informed about each and every step of the project. This eliminates the possibility of any potential misunderstandings on either end. Finally, once the project has been finalized, Field Engineer immediately releases the funds to the engineer. Clear, easy, and secure.

Freelancer Field Engineer Salary

Freelance professionals often earn a better field engineer salary than their colleagues employed full-time. One reason to that lies in the fact that freelancers choose only the projects that pay well; another – that global offer is nowhere near as limited as the local one. No matter how one looks at it, remote jobs seem to be the future of engineering. As it turns out, the future is already here.

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