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How to Become an Aruba Certified Switching Professional


Kaushik Bhaumik


July 4, 2019

Aruba certifications are an excellent choice for IT engineers who want to validate their switching skills, knowledge, and experience. Among the selection of certifications offered by Aruba is the Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification, which one of the higher level certifications that professionals can complete to demonstrate their skills.

What is ACSP?

The Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification is a certification that has been created to validate switching solutions skills related to Aruba products and beyond. It provides that the holder can implement and operate enterprise level Aruba campus switching solutions. It validates the candidate's skills on a range of topics, from implementing Aruba OS-Switches to IP multicast routing. To gain the certification, the candidate needs to take an exam that tests their skills and proves that they have what it takes to be an experienced switching professional. The certification can also be upgraded from other certifications.

How can ACSP Certification Help IT Engineers

Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification can help IT engineers in various ways. If you're looking for a way to take your career in a new direction, professional certification is the way to go. You might already have a lower level Aruba switching certification or you might be considering their certification path from the very beginning. Whichever option is for you, you could prove your worth as a team member at work or perhaps find a new career when you show that you have what it takes to understand implement a modern approach to cloud, mobility and other challenges in the networking field.

The Benefits of ACSP Certification

Certification with Aruba Certified Switching Professional shows that you have expert skills related to switching and Aruba's products and services. As a professional certification, it's the next step if you already have the associate level switching certification from Aruba. It offers you a number of important benefits by validating your knowing on configuring dynamic routing, IP multicast routing, network optimization and protecting networks using Access Control Lists. The benefit of the certification is that it confirms your experience and knowledge, although training is also available to ensure you know everything that is on the exam.

Skills Measured by ACSP Certification

Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification measures some essential skills to show that you have what it takes to carry out important tasks.

The Skills Measured Include:

  • implementing ArubaOS-Switches including securing access, redundancy technologies, link aggregation techniques and switch virtualization with HPE’s Virtual Switching Framework‍
  • Configuring dynamic routing with Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • IP multicast routing
  • Network optimization incorporating Quality of Service (QoS) priorities
  • Protecting the network using Access Control Lists (ACLs) and other security measures

Aruba ACSP Certification Exams

The Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification V1 requires the completion of a single exam, Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions. To take the exam, you first need to get access to The Learning Center from Hewlett Packard Enterprises and get an HPE Learner ID. You also need to sign up with Pearson VUE, which is the exam delivery vendor for the brand. They carry out the exams at their training centers and also deliver training if you are interested in the optional training options on offer. You might be able to upgrade your qualification from an HP ASE FlexNetwork certification or from Cisco, Juniper or Brocade.

Aruba ACSP Certification Prerequisites

The typical candidate for Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification is a networking professional with at least a year of experience with enterprise level network solutions. Before taking the exam, it's necessary to have the Aruba Certified Switching Associate V1 certification. This is a foundation level certification that ensures you have fundamental knowledge that will then allow you to take the next step and confirm more experienced skills. You can choose an upgrade path instead of having the associate switching certification if you have another certification.

Aruba ACSP Certification Training

There is no required training to complete the Aruba Certified Switching Professional certification exam, but you can take the recommended training if you want to. The first thing to do is check if you qualify for an upgrade path from a previous certification or if you need to have the associate certification. When you're ready to take the training, make sure that you have a Learner ID and register for the certification in the Learning Center. The recommended course is Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions, which offers a 5-day course available as instructor-led, virtual instructor-led or web-based.


Aruba ACSP Certification Jobs

If you want to enhance your career as a networking professional, you can boost your chances and your opportunities with this certification. You can discover network engineer jobs specifically for those who have skills and knowledge of Aruba networks, as well as demonstrate that you have a broad knowledge of networking. Discover both permanent employment and freelance opportunities, as well as perhaps jobs with Aruba themselves.

If you want to get away from being employed and consider self-employment instead, you can discover a huge range of freelance opportunities. Field Engineer connects freelance network engineers with businesses looking for skilled individuals with flexible schedules. Organizations want talented professionals who can prove their skills and offer them excellent value when they have a project or even need a long-term commitment.


Aruba ACSP Certification Salary

Network engineers can earn around $110,000 or even more when employed full-time. A job with Aruba Networks could even earn you an average of $148,000 as a network engineer, according to Paysa. If you want to earn what you want as a network engineer, the best option is often to choose to freelance. Working as a freelance network engineer, you can choose the work that you do.

Field Engineer makes it simple to find work and start earning. The platform lets you sign up in minutes, and you can soon find the jobs that are right for you. The global marketplace lets you search in real-time to find the most up-to-date jobs that are right for you.

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