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January 2, 2017

These days, you will often come across telecommunication field technician jobs on the internet and newspapers. This must have gotten you curious regarding telecom engineer jobs. You might be wondering whether it would be the right career option for you and what kind of telecom services you will need to provide if this is the field you opt for. If that is the case, this is where your search culminates since we will provide you with the required details regarding telecom engineer jobs and services among other things.

Responsibilities of a Telecom Engineer

The first thing that you need to know when we talk about telecommunication field technician jobs is that it is not an office-based job. You will not be spending hours in the office working. Instead, you will need to work on the site. If you take a look at any telecom engineer resume, you will find that the focus is more on the kind of services that he offers and the kind of experience he has than on degrees. The services that a telecommunication technician would offer are numerous. He makes use of his technical expertise to provide solutions regarding the problems that might arise in different communication modes. This could be related to wireless telephone services, radio and satellite communication, and the internet among other things.

The work of a telecom engineer is according to projects where tight deadlines have to be made and some definitive milestones have to be crossed so that the objectives of the project can be fulfilled. Such an engineer is involved in all the aspects of services, and their work does not end till the goals set out by the client are met to the last letter.

Telecom engineer jobs are usually provided by telecom service providers, communication software developers, public sector bodies, transport organizations, and equipment and infrastructure manufacturers.

Telecom Engineer Salary

The next obvious question that would come to one’s mind would be regarding telecom engineer salary. One is bound to be curious regarding the salary and benefits that a telecom engineer is offered. This depends on a variety of factors. The experience of a technician, their ability to work under tough conditions, how open they are to traveling, the hours they are willing to commit, and the company they work for would all influence the salary package that a telecom engineer would be offered.

Most of the time, telecommunication engineers are required to work on regular office timings i.e. from nine to five. However, when some tough targets have to be reached and deadlines have to be met, extra hours would need to be put in. Traveling might also be required as you would need to inspect and conduct surveys of some sites.

Qualifications of a Telecom Engineer

Telecommunication engineering courses are offered at a number of places. However, to get started in the field, you would first need to acquire an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any of the technical subjects. This could be telecommunications, electronic engineering, or physics among others. This is the minimum academic requirement which is set by most institutions.

However, more than the degree or the telecommunication engineering courses, it would be on-site training that would matter. Furthermore, you will need to develop analytical thinking along with problem-solving skills. You need to be a quick thinker who is able to diagnose the problem and think of ways to solve them at the earliest.

Many companies offer graduate training programs to their employees that are spread out over a period of one to two years. During these programs, formal training sessions are conducted and hands-on experience is provided.

Some employers also extend their support to enable the technician to complete the required professional qualification that would make him a chartered engineer. The whole program could be sponsored by them.

There is a lot of scope for career growth in the field. However, this depends on one’s performance, expertise, and experience. You need to be committed to the job to make complete use of the opportunities that it can provide and to explore its full potential.

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