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Why Telecom Field Engineers Need to Accept Freelance Life


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February 24, 2017

As society becomes increasingly connected, the need for telecom field engineers is growing to match. The on-demand marketplace is filled with consumers who don’t want to wait to talk, share information and use data. This heightens the need for skilled professionals who can plan, deploy and maintain complex communication networks at any time.

Becoming a freelancer at might be your key to remaining relevant in an evolving telecom field engineer job marketplace. Here’s why.

Why Is the Current Job Marketplace so Lucrative for Telecom Field Engineer as Freelancers?

Being a freelancer means more than just setting your own hours for personal gain. It also makes you more readily available to top employers who want to meet the needs of the on demand marketplace by leveraging a more flexible job marketplace.



As on demand marketplaces grow, they change consumer behaviors and expectations. Companies that want to remain competitive must step outside of their comfort zones and adopt novel operating models. Becoming a telecom field engineer and adapting to a freelancer lifestyle lets you help these providers profit in an on-demand marketplace whose consumers are increasingly accustomed to service-oriented economies.

Reframing the U.S. Job Marketplace as an on-Demand Marketplace

When you consider the rapid expansion of service economies, it’s easy to see how freelancer sites like help professionals succeed. As if imitating their consumers, employers want to be able to work with telecom field engineers as their needs arise. They’re also willing to pay for the convenience.

In 2016, a study by Upwork found that the freelancer job marketplace contributed around $1 trillion to the economy each year. Freelancers also accounted for 35 percent of the national workforce.

The majority of those who left full-time positions to go freelance earned more than they used to within a year and expressed positive feelings about their work. Even with their already-respectable average salaries, telecom field engineers have a lot to gain by making the job marketplace shift.

Redefining Your Role in the on-Demand Marketplace at is a novel way to thrive within the telecom field engineer job marketplace. By catering to professionals and companies that want to serve consumers in the on-demand marketplace, the site helps connect people and organizations to forge stronger business relationships. focuses exclusively on the telecommunications industry, so it’s better suited to the requirements of telecom field engineers who seek to further their careers. Instead of having to hunt for relevant listings amidst a growing sea of industries that accept freelancers, they can use to instantly zero in on lucrative positions. Because the platform makes it easy to find onsite jobs, like wireless surveyors and cable technicians, as well as higher-level work, like project managers and certified engineers, it gives you the power to chart your career path with a greater degree of control.



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