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Looking for a computer engineering job? Field Engineer computer engineering jobs are the next generation of part-time employment, offering you an online platform and community of thousands of project-based engineering positions.

Browse them all and see the Field Engineer difference today!

The world is continuing to move toward more online, Internet based platforms. Why should searching for computer engineering jobs be any different?

The good people at Field Engineer have worked hard to deliver a job search website that is as complete, easy to use and available anywhere as it can get.

Let’s Take a Look at the Best Features of Field Engineer

  1. Global presence – connecting you with potential employers and a network of engineers from all over the world
  2. Mobile Platform – to engage with your projects or apply for projects from literally anywhere
  3. Al Work Order Management – automating administrative tasks
  4. Background Checks – this means that you must be cleared for drugs and felonies before you can work in any of the 132 countries Field Engineer operates in. Keeps employees trusting and safe
  5. API Integration – Simple and affective engagement
  6. Rapid Al Matching – instantly matches project to talent based on qualifications, experience and more
  7. Real-time Engineer Tracking – keeps management of projects timely and effective

Field Engineer themselves have said

“With rising digital consumption, you need direct access to flexible technical talent to get ahead of demand. With our powerful platform, tap the right specialists locally and globally. As Telecom veterans, we’re committed to removing the complexities and expensive speed bumps to talent placement so you can achieve excellence.”

The Field Engineer platform streamlines communication between field engineers and businesses looking for them.

The simple platform has many features that engineers find useful, including the mobile platform. See new jobs posted immediately, from wherever you are, as long as you have data or Internet on your mobile device. Both iOS and Android users can enjoy the luxury of submitting applications for or responding to job posts from their mobile device.

The future of everything is having the Internet anywhere you go; searching for project-based work should be no different.

Why Project Based Work?

Many people choose to apply for project-based work. Whether you are in-between jobs or just want to make money on the side of your current career, Field Engineer computer engineering jobs can be a great option.

Project-based work allows you to connect with employers who need computer engineering jobs completed by someone other than one of their own employees. The idea is simple; part-time, project-based hires are generally faster, just as affective and more affordable for a business than having an employee complete the same project. Since they do not have to compensate project-based employees for employee packages, time-off and full-time work, companies save money and time by skipping the hiring process.

Field Engineer was actually created in 2015 in order to help engineers who were laid off for recessionary reasons to continue to make money. The company has flourished since then, expanding into an international engineering recruitment site that today helps engineers that were let go by their companies and engineers seeking more money on the side to find that work.

Project-Based Work is a Good Option for

  • Recent graduates searching for a job
  • Recently laid off engineers
  • Engineers that find themselves with extra time and/or in need of more money
  • Companies that have projects to complete but no budget for or time to hire a full-time employee
  • Engineers in between jobs that are looking to continue making and income and keep their skill set sharp and relevant

How Does it Work?

1) Sign up by filling out your profile to include experience, qualifications, references and anything else relevant to complete an online resume for yourself.

2) Connect any bank account or PayPal account with your profile so you can be paid instantly

3) Start browsing and applying for jobs; it’s that easy! Filter jobs based on how much you want to be paid, the length of term you want to work or just let Field Engineer sort the most relevant options for you.

4) Once you are hired for a project, get the work done efficiently, completely and as fast as possible to ensure good reviews from your employer.

5) Submit your project to your employer, receive feedback (adjust the piece based on feedback if you need to) and get paid!

6) Request a review if you don’t automatically get one; good reviews are gold on staffing recruitment sites.

As you complete more jobs, you can increase your rate and start seeing employers seek you out for positions. Download the app to apply to jobs as quickly as possible no matter where you are.

Easy right?

A Global Network

A global network of engineers and employees is one of the keys to Field Engineer’s success. By connecting engineers from everywhere in the world, the chances you find a job that suits your experience and qualifications increases while also opening you up to a network of engineers and companies from all over the world.

Searching for field service engineer jobs under a large umbrella of international networks expands your depth of international experience in computer engineering positions.

The following countries have the following engineers offered in them:

  • Australia: more than 3,000+
  • Asia: more than 12,000+
  • South Africa: more than 4,000+
  • Europe: more than 13,000+
  • South America: more than 12,000+
  • West Coast, USA: more than 15,000+
  • South East Asia: more than 7,000+
  • Russia: more than 1,500+
  • North Africa: more than 2500+
  • United Kingdom: more than 3500+
  • East Coast, USA: more than 15000+
  • Canada: more than 2200+

Field Engineer has fulfilled over 2000 orders from over 45 businesses in 132 countries. Instead of wasting energy searching for part-time work, interviewing, waiting to hear a response and going through that cycle over and over, create a Field Engineer profile and never look back! Searching for computer engineering jobs just got a lot easier.

Create your profile and start experiencing the Field Engineer process today.

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