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August 29, 2016

Rapid advances in technology mean frequent updates, and organizations must keep up with the changes or face losing their competitive edge. However, deploying new technology in a multi-site business is a complex endeavor. Rollout must be coordinated across sites, and stakeholders must work together closely to avoid any issues.

The more we develop technologies more is the maintenance requirement. We as an organization must keep up abreast with latest innovative technologies to deal with. Network deployment must be matched across sites, and stakeholders must work together closely to avoid any production related issues. As new technologies like software defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow in mellowness and adoption, organizations are faced with transforming their networks to keep up with the changes. For a project to really get going and ultimately be successful, dedicated people are required. Cloud-based platforms has a ready force with field engineer who are ready 24/7 to take up & collaborate for fixing the challenges and drive out the inefficiency.

Field Engineers

At one time, large companies employed expensive IT teams full time, moving them from site to site as needed. However, today’s organizations are more likely to choose third-party service providers. Their experience and expertise in multi-site network deployment ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Cloud-based platforms have relationships with an army of local field engineers who can be deployed anytime, anywhere, to meet business needs. These engineers complete the tasks required for a problem-free rollout across multiple sites quickly and efficiently, freeing the company to focus on core business activities.

Site Survey

Local service providers begin the multi-site networking process by conducting a site survey. This ensures clear understanding of the project scope and the client’s specific needs. Site surveys permit project managers to create a comprehensive action plan, which reduces the likelihood of a bumpy rollout. Careful planning allows engineers to avoid the most common deployment pitfalls.

Rack and Stack of CPE

When the time comes to execute on carefully laid plans, the first order of business is to ensure that the mounts, cabinets and racks necessary to hold equipment that will be housed on site are installed completely and correctly. This hardware is referred to as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and it may include routers, switches, servers, voice gateways and VoIP phones. Field engineers inventory CPE, arrange to obtain missing items, and handle setup, installation and clean-up.

Activation of WAN Circuit

Your company’s wide area network (WAN) permits the connection of computers over great distances. This is typically accomplished through the use of leased telecommunications circuits. Multi-site network deployment experts handle activation of the WAN circuit, which connects each site’s local area network (LAN).
Though this process is usually quite simple, issues do come up. For example, some companies experience a loss of signal strength over long distances. An on-site field engineer is able to resolve these issues quickly and accurately, so you can get back to work.


LAN Cutover Implementation and Verification

The process of connecting LANs across multiple sites carries a number of risks, particularly when it comes to ensuring that applications and systems continue to function as required. Without careful planning and rapid response to any indications of a problem, computers lose their network connection and software fails.
Relying on experienced multi-site deployment experts to handle LAN cutover implementation ensures that the most common issues are avoided. Specialists in LAN cutover implementation perform a comprehensive battery of tests to verify successful deployment.

NRFU (Network Ready for Use) Testing

Nothing is more frustrating than endless technical issues — particularly when becoming accustomed to a new network. Once the WAN is active and LANs have been transferred correctly, field engineers complete thorough testing to ensure the network is ready for use (NRFU).

Handover Network Configuration

Once all testing is complete, experts hand control of the network configuration over to the business. However, high-quality providers continue to offer problem-resolution services on an ongoing basis.
Multi-site network deployment is critical to business success. Companies with multiple locations, whether in the hundreds or the thousands, must be able to collaborate using common systems, data and applications. Most cannot afford significant downtime, making fast, smooth deployment of new or upgraded multi-site networks a necessity.

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