Network Engineer

Network Engineer

The Benefits of a Remote Network Engineer for Your Company


Gary McCauley


May 8, 2019

First of all, what is remote working? Remote working is when an employee works from outside of the office premises (if there is a physical one) and can work from any location that’s needed.

The popularity of remote working has grown and grown over the years. From the creation of personal computers in the 1970s to the modern day, more businesses are hiring remote employees. When it comes to finding a Remote Network Engineer, they need to be trustworthy, have an extensive background and can be able to complete the tasks you need to be done from anywhere in the world.

Remote working went hand in hand with the telecom revolution of the 20th Century. Accelerating the global need and want for remote employees, telecommunication has adapted with the times.

More people are becoming remote workers because of the freedom it entails. From this freedom, comes improved productivity, fewer costs for the business (such as operating costs) and it reduces their employee turnover (happy employees = fewer people wanting to look for a job elsewhere).

A brief history of remote working

Back in the middle ages and up until the Industrial Revolution, people mainly worked from the comfort of their own homes, out on farms etc. When the Industrial Revolution occurred, however, in the 18th Century, automation and factories began to appear.

From then on, the world began to develop office spaces and eventually, in 1991, wireless internet was created that allowed businesses to expand globally and communicate with potential clients and other companies no matter what the time zone.

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Telework Enhancement Act to persuade Federal Executive companies to allow flexibility in their workplace through telework. Offering a greater work-life balance for the employees, businesses around the world took note. From this action as well as others across the globe, remote working began to be tested out - with the assistance of telecommunication.

Since then, many global businesses utilize remote working. Using communication tools, from the widely used Hotmail and Skype to team collaboration tools like Slack, the need for office premises has decreased.

What is a network engineer?

A network engineer is a key role in any business (and in particular IT and telecom businesses due to the nature of the role). They have the difficult task of setting up, establishing and maintaining a range of computer networks within the business. On hand if any issues arise, they are one of the core elements of what makes a business tick.

Without a qualified and experienced network engineer, your business would not have the chance of expanding globally, your infrastructure and networks are at risk of cyber-attacks and good telecommunication between you and your employees/other businesses is not possible.

Once a network engineer has developed their skills and their portfolios, they can specialize in a particular area of networking. From a Cloud Networking Architect to a Network Security Specialist and a Networking Research and Development Specialist (to name a few), there are many future career paths for them to follow. These specialist roles are also important for a business that wants to expand more globally and have state-of-the-art telecommunication.

How a remote engineer can help your business

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to your business when hiring a Remote Network Engineer. If your network is set over a variety of locations globally, they can implement a software that means that they can access the network and fix any issues no matter where they are located.

With the development of software and technology, the ability to monitor the networks in real time means that if any issues do arise, these can be fixed quickly and efficiently. With remote access, each moment can be monitored and past issues can be prevented from reoccurring.

Remote network access allows your network engineer to monitor the devices on the move. As they do not have to be in the office, they can see the status’ of the devices without the risk of losing access or causing a power outage in the workplace.

Many businesses may believe that remote working may carry a higher risk in terms of security. However, network engineers can ensure that the businesses’ network is protected by securing it through means such as encryption or authentication. By protecting files by scrambling the data, frequently asking for passcodes, etc. your network will be kept secure.

Your Remote Network Engineer can also increase your network security by monitoring access and using software to detect any possible threats.

With companies such as Field Engineer, businesses can find engineers and freelancers easily, for tasks they need doing.

What are the benefits of the company for your business?

1) Save on costs

Running a business is expensive – so it’s important that you save on expenses when you can. Saving your business money that would have been spent on the hiring process and paying a full-time network engineer, Field Engineer can be utilized to find Remote Network Engineers at the click of a button – saving you time and allowing you to spend the money on another business cost if needed.

2) A wider talent pool

Field Engineer offers 1000’s of remote workers across the world, with varying degrees of knowledge and employment history. You can compare potential employees and see which one/s would be the right fit for the job at hand.

3) Find engineers globally

A huge benefit of remote working and in particular Remote Network Engineers as mentioned above, is that they can work from anywhere in the world. With Field Engineer, you can find a network engineer no matter what your location as they cover 180 countries.

4) Clients are vetted

Field Engineer makes sure that each remote worker is vetted – to ensure that only qualified engineers will be available for prospective work and that you receive exceptional service.

5) Use of a learning algorithm

Monitoring what you are looking for by what you search, it uses a learning algorithm to advertise potential candidates for you – that match the required skills needed by your business.

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