Wireless Security Consultants

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Wireless Security Consultants

Have you ever considered joining other wireless security consultants already enjoying a lucrative career? At Field Engineer, we provide you with the platform you need to attract attention from quality new clients from all over the world.

What is a Wireless Security Consultants Job Description?

Wireless security consultants’ job description can include a variety of different tasks. Companies need experienced professionals that can take care of every aspect of wireless network security. Wireless networks have quickly become the backbone of many businesses but they need protecting. Maintaining the integrity of the system and keeping it safe from interference is crucial to the successful running of any business.

Whether they’re carrying out a general site survey to identify potential weaknesses, or providing detailed technical advice, wireless security consultants skills will include dealing with a variety of people and situations in a professional manner. The most experienced engineers will have a strong background in both IT and Consulting, as well as in computer sciences.

The role includes working to fix a range of problems as they arise. These will be on a variety of systems, including Cisco and Fortinet. The technical support they provide will be invaluable to organizations in trouble, and add immense value to those companies being proactive in security measures.

Specialist wireless security consultants are in increasing demand globally because of the increase in the number of cybercriminals that businesses need to be protected from.

What are Wireless Security Consultants Responsibilities?

Most wireless security consultants’ jobs will include managing and executing project tasks and milestones. The evaluation and improvement of internal processes will also have to be dealt with.  Successfully understanding their customer’s needs and pairing them with the best technological solutions for their business is something else wireless security consultants responsibilities encompass.  They will have to use their expertise to provide design, implementations, and support for every aspect of wireless security.

Tasks that are more practical could include ensuring the successful implementation of wireless devices and security software. It can also include the maintenance and improvement of current security management systems and providing expert consultancy in relation to network security and the associated policies and processes.

To provide subject matter expertise and achieve the best outcome for their clients they will need to:

  • Stay up to date with all technological developments and new innovations
  • Keep on top of market trends
  • Ensure they follow commonly accepted best practices

Being an active member of the industry community is the easiest way to ensure they are at the forefront of any developments.  They will also be responsible for performing a susceptibility analysis to identify possible weaknesses, and then devising solutions for their clients.

What Skills And Experience Will Wireless Security Consultants Have?

Most engineers will have excellent communication skills and this has usually been honed in consulting. They will be able to easily explain how technical solutions can solve problems, adding value to their services and building trust with their clients.

Potential Certifications to prove wireless security consultants skills include:


They will have a strong understanding of network architectures, processes, wireless solutions, frameworks, and components. They will also be experienced in working hands-on with Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Aruba, and Citrix solutions.

What Salary Can Wireless Security Consultants Expect to Earn?

As per Payscale, the average salary of Wireless Security Consultant is around $ 105,987 per annum in the United States. Freelance consultants can earn in excess of one hundred thousand dollars with little experience, rising gradually as their experience and expertise increases.

Freelance work can be a great way to gain experience in a variety of different environments. The more varied their knowledge is the more value they can add to their clients, and the higher their worth will be. A wireless security consultants salary and role will always be limited within a single organization, whereas working as a freelancer for several companies will provide a steep learning curve with access to a greater variety of people, processes, and systems.

Operating as a freelance consultant through the Field Engineer platform will ensure they have plenty of opportunities to gain experience and progress in their career.

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