The Infrastructure Engineer?

Infrastructure Engineer, will be responsible for designing, building, deploying and maintaining an IT infrastructure, using the latest technology. An IT infrastructure consists of all the IT systems that support a community or business of any size, and helps them to function efficiently.

Infrastructure Engineer Also known as

  • IT Infrastructure Engineer
  • Change Manager

Infrastructure Engineer Job Description

Infrastructure Engineers are responsible to perform several duties in their quest to maintain the infrastructure of the organization. The following is a list of the core duties and responsibilities of an Infrastructure Engineer.

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  • Design solutions from mission needs and assess current systems to secure best practices and balance with government policy and procedure.
  • Analyse and recommend changes to test, mission and mobile computing conditions.
  • Collaborate and participate in activities to make certain knowledge improvement, sharing plus integration within as well as across whole work programs as suitable and lead projects.
  • Participate to evolve client project activities like position papers, special studies and evaluations
  • Manage plus coordinate all outside support providers.
  • Manage complete corporate Citrix systems, file, print and active directory.
  • Manage to host environment inclusive of web servers, database servers, VMWare, Cisco, Citrix, SAN, and Blades etc. to ensure apt tuning plus capacity.
  • Manage security of system and inter-application information transfers.
  • Ensure most extreme uptime for complete network services and servers.
  • Manage and maintain broad area VPN network.
  • Establish models to maintain and configure entire desktop and mobile computers.
  • Improve, plan capacity and design related to infrastructure engineering projects.
  • Ensure sufficient networks redundancy to satellites or warehouses.
  • Ensure on desktop resolution or time network and phone system issues.
  • Administrate and manage all corporate network resources.

Infrastructure Engineer Salary

As per Paysa, the average salary of an infrastructure engineer is $110K, ranging from $77K to $145K as of January 26th, 2018.

The salary level you could earn as an infrastructure engineer can differ, normally on the specific responsibilities of your job, the size and type of your employer etc.

Basic Educational Needs & Certification

Most professionals entering the job market need a four year bachelor’s degree in a computer science or information technology field. The basic education for this professional is more generalized, yet additionally fixated on making the entire network function appropriately.

Because the skill set of infrastructure engineers is complex, a four year bachelor’s degree is usually not enough. Once working in the professional field, most professionals holding this position will likewise require special certifications. The certification required will generally depend on the hiring company, but usually are those offered by Microsoft, Cisco and Red Hat. Common certifications for this profession might be MCITP, CCNP or VCP amongst others.

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