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Computer systems and networks have complex infrastructure that’s maintained, designed and installed by infrastructure technicians. These professionals are often employed on a freelance basis in order to work on specific projects for limited amounts of time. They have to do things like monitor the network’s performance, solve problems and oversee installations, among other design and evaluation responsibilities.

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The process of hiring freelancers on FieldEngineer couldn’t be simpler. You can post a job order and then view the appropriate candidates who fit what you were searching for. Once they start completing work for you, you can track their progress and pay them simply through the platform.

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FieldEngineer makes it easy for you to access professionals in 180 countries around the world in real-time. If you need remote support or short notice help, FieldEngineer can assist you with that when it might otherwise have been difficult. It makes it simple for businesses to hire the right people at the right time.


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