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A Voice NOC Technician handles assignments related to the voice application systems and voice network, including designing, planning, developing, testing, deployment, and maintenance, and support of associated hardware and software. It is the responsibility of Voice Network Technicians to ensure that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is smoothly operating 24×7 by troubleshooting issues.  

They need to keep in touch with end users through phone or email to resolve or escalate issues.  

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Job Description:

Voice NOC Technicians provide technical support to clients, respond to their requests promptly by prioritizing and allocating them, monitor and resolve voice network issues, design, configure, implement, and provide support  for VoIP installations whenever the need arises, evaluate wiring problems and fix them, assess and state solutions for voice communication issues, plan and suggest systems management software and network hardware, customize network design and architecture so that it ensures compliance and capacity planning, take ownership for the entire configuration, make sure maintenance of routers, switches, and other devices in place for the voice systems, and ensure that voice services are reliable, scalable, and available.

Voice Network Technicians carry out real-time assessments of issues related to voice, networking, and products. They interact with clients to understand their requirements and sort out their problems, and if the environment is undergoing modifications, they need to manage network activities without disrupting the operations of network, server, and clients.

Educational qualifications and other requirements for Voice NOC Technicians

NOC Voice Technicians must possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent work experience. Knowledge of different VoIP protocols, SIP, RTP, MGCP, etc. will be beneficial. Scripting experience in languages, such as Perl, JavaScript, Python, etc., would help. They should possess excellent spoken and written communication skills and be team players.  

Moreover, many companies are hiring Voice Network Technicians to manage Cisco network designs. These candidates need CCNP Voice OR CCNA Voice or CCNP with prior experience in a voice network.  

Most importantly, they should be ready to work extra hours.

The scope of Voice NOC Technicians

VoIP is being increasingly embraced all over the world, with rural communities in Africa using the WeChat app. Besides, SMEs have also started availing services of VoIP providers for deploying enterprise level communications solutions to improve their returns on investment (ROIs).  

These developments will undoubtedly fuel demand for Voice Network Technicians in the not-too-distant future.

Earnings of Voice NOC Technicians

The yearly average salary of a Data/Voice Network Technician is $99,091 in the United States, according to Paysa.com.

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