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Cisco Call Managers also known as Cisco Unified Communications Manager will design, develop and implement network and telecommunications infrastructure according to the needs of their organization. The manager monitors the organization's networks and its connections, and they play an active role in the installation of the Cisco network operating system software. They also evaluate, configure and maintain network hardware and software.

Usually, Call Manager utilize Cisco’s proprietary SCCP protocol. The manager work as part of Cisco’s solution to offer IP Telephony with many of the functions of a PBX system for an enterprise. They must have hands-on experience in monitoring and administering Cisco Telecommunication systems. The managers must play an active role in maintaining, deploying and troubleshooting any issues related to it.

The Cisco Call Manager should have end-user support experience in Cisco VoIP/UCCE environment. The professionals will coordinate with various IT staff, business partners, internal clients, and vendors. The manager must have a good understanding and working knowledge of the Microsoft suite of office productivity applications.

Experience in remote monitoring and managed IPT environment is an added advantage. The professionals need to be capable in remote monitoring and management of enterprise IPT environment. They should be quick to resolve any customer issues and handle independently any internal escalations. The manager will identify, plan and execute session management strategies that contribute to increased efficiency.

Cisco Call Manager Job Description

The primary responsibility of Cisco Call Managers is to develop and implement the physical design and architecture of computer networks. They are also involved in certain aspects of LANs and WANs, and VoIP, too.

It is the responsibility of the Cisco Call Manager to deploy, troubleshoot, monitor and optimize IP telephony, voice, and video and mobility solutions. The professionals will assist and lead the design and implementation of Cisco Unified Communication products. They have to play an active role in software upgrades on existing Cisco voice deployments. The job role also involves providing technical assistance to Network Analysts & Network Professionals.

The Cisco Call Manager must also identify and resolve the issues relating to the Cisco software, Cisco IP phones, and voicemail. They should coordinate with other hardware and software professionals relating to networks and telecommunications. It is the Cisco Call Manager duty to be the primary point of contact for any queries relating to ISP outages and other issues.

The professionals should create, analyze and troubleshoot the call flows and look into call detail records. They should understand its role in the complex multi-component environment. The Cisco Call Manager will design and deploy solution for the multi-site environment in Cisco technologies. They have to showcase strong passion and capabilities in innovation and advancement in contact center technologies and concepts. The Cisco professional should own the technical design and development of cross-functional, multi-platform application systems.

The manager must also play a proactive role in troubleshooting network cabling issues. They should utilize monitoring tools to track network performance, and resolving problems relating to it. The professional must know how to properly use network analyzers, memory testers and a variety of electronic testing equipment.

They should work in collaboration with business partners, architects, and other departments. The manager needs to identify the technical and functional needs to determine the priorities. They should work with the performing teams to deliver new capabilities in a business application. The manager must analyze, define and document requirements for data, workflow, logical processes, hardware, and operating system environment.

Cisco Call Manager Job Description

The executives must assist in projects requiring network and telecommunications infrastructure and support. They should ensure maximum network performance, to avoid downtime. The professional must be the first one to offer any technical assistance relating to post-installation networking issues.

The Cisco Call Manager is responsible for key system design and integration decisions.  They should communicate decisions to individuals implementing the system. The professional will have to coordinate coding, testing, implementation, and documentation of unified communication solutions. They offer administrative and end-user training for call centers when needed.

The other duties of the Cisco Call Manager include collaborating with external organizations to resolve the significant issues. They must acquire network equipment, such as routers, switches, and servers and monitor server rooms and closet sensors.

They should prepare client documentation including Network designs, Network Assessments, Implementation Plans, and post-implementation documentation. The professionals assist with trouble tickets as on need basis or on a scheduled rotation basis. It is advantageous to have experience with network fundamentals including TCP/IP networking (IPv4/IPv6).

The professionals must document activities relating to the maintenance of equipment and manage both planned and unplanned network maintenance and outages. They are responsible for keeping themselves up-to-date with new developments relating to Cisco collaboration and ISPs.

Educational and Other Requirements for Cisco Call Managers

Cisco Call Managers must have a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications or a related discipline. Some organizations also seek candidates with a Master’s degree, and knowledge of routers, switches, and other equipment. Prior work experience is an advantage.

The following certifications are also helpful:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice (CCNP Voice)

The Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice certification verifies the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate into underlying network architectures. It offers the individuals great expertise in operating, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged IP network.

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Cisco Certified Network Professional is a certification that is targeted at full-time network or system administrators. The professionals who want to pursue this course will be working with a local or wide area network (LAN/WAN) infrastructure.

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

This certification is for senior networking professionals who want to enhance their skills to design, build, implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex enterprise networking infrastructures.

Cisco Call Manager Salary

According to, the salary of Cisco Call Managers ranges from about $41,046 per year for a Call Center Supervisor to $119,336 per year for a Senior Consulting Engineer. It is based on information collected during the past 36 months. As per, Cisco Call Managers on average earn from $31,000 to $112,000 in the United States.

The Career Outlook for Cisco Call Manager

The growing impact of IoT (Internet of Things) has made way for communication media. The future of VoIP seems to be bright, and candidates with relevant qualifications will have good chances of getting hired. In fact, in the coming years, there are expected to be more jobs in this field and organizations are on the lookout the right candidates.

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