Telecom Systems Engineer

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Telecommunication is the backbone of the information technology. The Telecom System Engineer is responsible for the security, design, performance, and integration of all telecom services and devices. They are the specialist who takes care by troubleshooting to client’s issue including its application deployment on their devices.

We know the telecom is a diverse field of engineering which is connected to electronic, and systems engineering for best communication.

A System Engineer plays a vital role in the telecom industry. They deal with phone system installation, and maintenance of the wireless devices, router, network, cable, optical fiber and many more for better productivity.

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Telecom Systems Engineer Job Description

With the growth of digital strategy, they help the customer either at the field or site for best connectivity. Their work ranges from creating basic circuit design to deploy the wireless network in the field.

They are responsible for designing, overseeing the installation of telecom equipment and facilities, such as complex electronic switches, broadband data services, and satellite communications.

They cover a broad range of responsibilities in the field of mobile communication, voice & data, broadcasting, optical networking.

Following are the essential job responsibilities of system engineer:

  • To attend client location to resolve issues and restore system error.
  • To provide a Remotely diagnose faults from the office via remote access and customer liaison
  • Deliver the best advice on ensuring the correct programming of customer systems
  • Maintain standards of Technical Excellence within the dept.
  • Maximise Efficiency within the Department
  • Ensure full understanding of Products and Services are cascaded through the organization
  • Embrace Core values along with change and provide constructive ideas for improving service, working methods, and environment
  • Must be able to carry out the installation of systems as and when need to cover for other members of staff.
  • Any other reasonable duties and responsibilities considered appropriate by the Management of the Company.

Telecom systems engineer salary:

As per salary report of USA, they earn an average of $69,680 per annum depending upon the experience level. In the telecom world, top freelance marketplaces like provides the best platform for freelancers in this field. shaping lives:

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