Audio Visual Field Engineer

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What is an Audio Visual Field Engineer?

Are you looking to kickstart your career as an audio visual field engineer? Or perhaps you’re eager to take control of your future in this industry? Either way, Field Engineer will provide the perfect solution, giving you the opportunity to thrive as a freelancer by connecting with the very best clients time and time again.

Audio visual field engineer jobs are reserved for skilled technicians, but those with talent can earn exceptionally well. FE makes it easier than you ever thought possible.

What is the Audio Visual Field Engineer Job Description?

Despite requiring a variety of skills, the role of an AV field engineer is easy to understand. Your job is to use an array of technical knowledge to strategically plan and implement the best equipment installations and operations at various live events. The setting could range from music events to in-house business presentations and include virtually everything in between.

By using professional audio visual field engineers, businesses know that their crucial technology needs are taken care of, which allows them to focus on the other aspects of whatever event it is. Typically, an AV engineer will take care of installations and sets up, as well as conducting tests and assessments. Repairs also fall under your remit, which is another reason why skilled specialists are in high demand. As a freelancer, you can capitalize on the high levels of demand to secure lucrative contracts from clients of all shapes and sizes.

What are the Responsibilities of an Audio Visual Field Engineer?

Audio visual field engineers are skilled technicians that need to handle various aspects to ensure that all equipment operates smoothly. Working in this role, you’ll set up and manage systems relating to the audio visual tech requirements of a project. Therefore, audio visual field engineer responsibilities will include:

  • Designing audio visual equipment strategies for client events.
  • Running risk assessments.
  • Setting up all equipment and testing that it works.
  • Establishing contingency plans and complete repairs in real-time.
  • Keeping track of all audio visual equipment.

Further responsibilities may include generating sound, images, and videos to produce CDs, DVDs, as well as TV and film productions. As an audio visual field engineer, you may be required to work closely with producers, directors, business owners, production engineers, and a host of other people throughout the project.

What Education is Required for Audio Visual Field Engineer Jobs?

While there are no set rulings regarding the audio visual field engineer qualifications, anybody wanting to have any chance of landing the best clients in this field of work will need a GED or high school diploma in  audio-visual technology or digital media. Alternatively, broadcasting and communications bachelor’s degrees may be accepted.

Additional certifications can help freelance technicians stand out from the crowd. As per AVJunction, you may wish to complete the certification from the following bodies:

  • Biamp
  • Bright Sign
  • Crestron
  • CTS
  • Extron

Education is particularly crucial when you are pursuing AV engineer freelance jobs. Of the certifications above, InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) course is the most valuable. When you have the right qualifications and certifications, the chances of getting hired are far greater.

What Skills do You Require?

The list of essential audio visual field engineer skills is fairly extensive. In addition to a thorough understanding of the latest audio visual technologies, you’ll need to be familiar with installations and various forms of on-site maintenance. The ability to work remotely may be necessary on some projects too.

Technicians should be able to use multimedia software as well as basic computer facilities.  Great organizational skills, logical thinking, and excellent communication are all essential too, especially if tasked with handling the budget aspects.

What Salary can You Expect?

AV engineers are in high demand, which is why audio visual field engineers can expect to command around $56,536 according to while most workers are paid between $48k and $67k.

Freelancing as a technician can send those figures to the next level, not least when working for high-profiled clients with advanced requirements or who need instant support. It’s not uncommon for freelance engineers to approach double the mean average of traditional employees in the industry. Additional benefits include having control of when and where to work, as well as having the opportunity to build a portfolio of big clients in rapid times. The winning relationships can translate to ongoing work too.

How can FE Help You as an Audio Visual Field Engineer?

Field Engineer connects over 40,000 technicians in a range of roles to clients from around the world. Whether you’re new to the AV field engineer role or boast bags of experience, you will gain offers to work on projects both remotely and on-site.

When added to a range of tools aimed to support easy invoicing, referencing, and project hunting, FE truly is the perfect platform for any freelance engineer. Take your career as an AV field engineer to the next level today.

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