RF Drive Tester

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What is RF Drive Tester?

Are you looking for new career opportunities in the RF industry? With Field Engineer, you can launch a successful career as an RF drive tester right away. With clients in need of your skills and expertise, what’s holding you back?

What is the Job Description?

There is a range of job roles within the Radio-Frequency hardware sector, and an RF drive tester is concerned with maintaining functional and efficient mobile radio networks. An RF drive tester job description typically includes a number of specific tasks, such as:

  • Assessing implementation and installation
  • Monitoring functionality
  • Measuring capacity, coverage, and quality of service
  • Designing new evaluation techniques and processes

Of course, some RF drive tester roles incorporate an increasing number of tasks. Some drive testers may be particularly interesting in creating new, more effective evaluation protocols, for example, and may focus on this as their area of expertise. Alternatively, an RF drive tester may work for a number of clients, collecting and collating crucial data which enables them to assess the functioning of their existing networks.

What are the  Responsibilities of an RF Drive Tester?

Without functioning networks, major global corporations are unable to function. So the role of an RF drive tester is extremely important. Responsibilities of an RF drive tester generally include collecting data in a variety of ways, such as walk testing and vehicle movement, collating this data into a usable format and analyzing it accordingly.

When data is analyzed and compared to key performance indicators (KPIs), RF drive testers are then responsible for assessing the performance of the network as a whole and identifying critical areas which may require additional work. RF drive tester responsibilities may also include scripting and software skills so that new technical test software can be developed. As the on-going functionality of mobile networks is crucial, RF drive testers have an important and vital role in maintaining the infrastructure.

What Education is Required for RF Drive Tester Jobs?

Working with radio-frequency hardware is a specialist role and RF drive testers usually have an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering or an associated subject. Whilst on-site, practical experience is hugely valuable to your career progression as a freelance RF drive tester, continuing education is also an asset.

Specialist certification programs, such as LTE Drive Test Training or RF Survey certificates, help to prove your credentials to potential new clients and could help you to gain new contracts as a freelancer.

What Skills do You Require?

Unlike RF Hardware Engineer, there is a range of RF drive tester skills which are beneficial to the role. Freelancers who are successful as an RF drive tester often possess the following skills and attributes:

  • Able to use advanced mathematical formulae
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Familiarity with a range of network monitoring tools
  • Understanding of RF theory and cellular theory
  • Motivated and driven to succeed
  • Experienced in the use of RF testing equipment, e.g. vector network analyzers, signal generators
  • Holds a valid driving license
  • Scripting and software skills, familiarity with established testing software

What Salary Can You Expect?

An RF drive tester salary is usually dependent on experience, but the average salary for someone in this role is around $71,000. With salaries ranging from around $44-109,000 per annum, even relatively inexperienced RF drive testers can command a respectable wage for their work.

When you operate as a freelance RF drive tester, your ability to work on the projects you choose leaves you open to generate a higher salary. Advanced credentials, a willingness to travel and expertise in a particular area will enhance your freelance career even further and ensure you’re well-rewarded.

RF Drive Tester Jobs

What is the Job Outlook for an RF Drive Tester?

New RF Drive Testers typically have a background in the RF hardware industry, and their understanding of RF tools and equipment enables them to specialize in drive testing.  Once established as a freelance RF drive tester, individuals can effectively create their own roles, ensuring their future job outlook and prospects are high.

Whilst some drive testers prefer to be in the field carrying out measuring activities, others choose to focus on RF drive testing support software and/or the development of increasingly accurate tools. With a variety of paths to choose from, RF driver testers have a range of opportunities ahead of them.

Working as Freelance RF Drive Tester with FE

Choosing to work as a freelance RF drive tester, rather than an in-house employee, brings a whole range of benefits. Freelance drive testers have the opportunity to travel around the world, work for major clients, specialize in their chosen field and command a salary which is appropriate for their expertise and experience.

Furthermore, freelance RF drive tester jobs give you the freedom to work as and when you choose; allowing you to build a stable career alongside any other commitments you may have. If you want to find top-quality RF drive tester freelance jobs, Field Engineer which is a freelance marketplace can provide everything you need.

Our unique platform enables you to connect to clients who are actively looking for freelance RF drive testers, giving you the exposure and client base you need to succeed. Sign up to Field Engineer now and join our global on-demand workforce today.

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