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New Jersey & Field Engineer: The Innovation of Engineering Workforce


Malik Zakaria


May 8, 2019

Home to four Fortune 100 companies and 15 Fortune 500 firms, New Jersey is a hub of economic activity. Amongst the most profitable industries in the region, the IT sector is well-established in New Jersey and accounts for a significant proportion of commercial activity in the state.

According to recent statistics, IT employment in New Jersey has risen consistently since 2012, and it shows no signs of stopping. However, the composition of the workforce has evolved in direct correlation to the rise of the gig economy. With more workers eager to work on a project basis, businesses and individuals are benefitting from the changing employment landscape.

How is the engineering workforce changing?

For businesses, hiring and maintaining staff is one of the most costly aspects of their operations. Whilst companies can hire great talent in New Jersey, maintaining a full staff is simply unnecessary for most firms. IT and engineering roles aren’t always permanent, and hiring full-time staff isn’t viable for the majority of companies.

If businesses want to incorporate a new telecoms system into their existing infrastructure, for example, they may require a number of engineers to carry out the work. Once the new system is in place, however, their need for on-going engineering support diminishes. Instead of hiring engineers as employees to install the new system, it is more cost-effective and efficient to hire subcontractors or freelancers to complete the project.

For engineers and IT workers, however, the lure of freelancing has never been greater. The scope of the work available in New Jersey ensures workers can specialize in a particular area if they choose or maintain their skills in a wide variety of engineering projects. Furthermore, working as a subcontractor or freelancer gives individuals the opportunity to select the projects they want to be involved in, providing greater job satisfaction. In addition to this, freelance engineers can work as much or as little as they choose.

In an area like New Jersey, where engineers are consistently in demand, members of the on-demand workforce are in an enviable position; able to choose the type of work they want to take on, free to negotiate long-term contracts if they choose and welcome to choose their own hours. For a New Jersey professional engineer, operating as a freelancer provides a wealth of opportunities and significantly more freedom than a traditional full-time role would.



Can New Jersey companies benefit from the gig economy?

Traditionally, business needs and employee rights are in competition with one another. Companies want to access as much labor as possible, with minimal outlay, and employees want labor rights, protection and a reasonable wage. Historically, labor laws have aimed to strike a balance between these competing aims; giving workers security whilst providing a flexible and viable market for companies to operate in.

With the rise of the gig economy, however, both workers and businesses are benefiting from a new way of working. Companies no longer have to offer large salaries, a plethora of employee benefits and a range of incentives to secure the best talent in the industry. As a result, they don’t need to maintain large HR departments to manage employees and are able to reduce costs in this respect too.

When data center technician jobs New Jersey arise or when firms need to advertise mechanical design engineer jobs in New Jersey, they can do so without hiring full-time employees. Instead, businesses can access the best and the brightest talent, for as long as they need them. Whether a project is scheduled to last for two days, two weeks or two years, the on-demand workforce can be called upon to fulfill roles as and when they develop.

In turn, this reduces costs for businesses. Rather than paying a full staff, regardless of current workflow and operational needs, companies can simply offer remuneration on a project basis. By paying freelancers for the work you need to be carried out, rather than a salary for acting as an employee, companies can save a considerable amount of revenue each year. In fact, one of the largest business costs can be cut down to a fraction of their previous figure, thus minimizing company outgoings without any loss of quality or specialist assistance.

Giving Businesses Freedom

Whilst IT is one of New Jersey’s most prosperous industries, other sectors are driving the economy too. Advanced manufacturing, financial services, and pharmaceuticals and life sciences are seeing particular local growth, as is the transport and logistics industry.

For businesses to expand successfully, however, they require support from a number of specialisms. Technology is at the forefront of business modernization. Whether it’s introducing AI to a firm, increasing the use of automation, providing a robust security network or parachuting in as a certified solutions expert, IT specialists and qualified engineers are facing increasing demand from a number of sectors.

With these industries predicted to develop even more in upcoming years, the New Jersey labor market shows no signs of abating. In fact, the opportunities for both local businesses and freelance engineers seem limitless.

Using Field Engineer in New Jersey

Designed to connect freelance engineers and specialists with businesses, Field Engineer is an easy way to find reputable freelancers. Companies can simply set out their requirements and receive applications from interested parties. With a wealth of talent already registered in the New Jersey area, there are workers with wide-ranging specialities available to work on various types of projects.

With 1600+ experienced engineers on the East Coast, Field Engineer ensures businesses in New Jersey can tap into the talent, as and when they need to. Comprehensive online profiles ensure businesses can choose the right engineer for the role, and an easy-to-use platform ensures all project information and payment details can be kept securely in one location.

Businesses all over New Jersey are finding incredible success in hiring freelance engineers on Field Engineer. Join the ranks of these companies that are saving time and money – sign up for free today!

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