Network Service Desk Engineer

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Network Service Desk Engineer

A Network Service Desk Engineer has to be prepared for working in a fast-paced working environment and has to be able to identify and deal with problems quickly. This can be a very fulfilling career as part of the managed services team that provides 24 x 7 monitoring, operations, and support services, a network service desk engineer will offer second level network support. Are you ready to earn your living this way? If so, at Field Engineer we can help to connect you with the businesses that need your services.

What Is The Job Description?

A network service desk engineer job description can be diverse and varied, but may include:

  • Resolving complex LAN/WAN and firewall issues
  • Handling network incidents and network requests
  • Assisting with firewall configuration and problem-solving
  • Keeping track of tickets and helping with ticketing and escalation procedures
  • Monitoring the network and utilization reporting
  • Be in touch with customers and raise tickets
  • Performing incident validation and alarm verification to make sure they are genuine and not false positives
  • Gathering vital information and data on devices and produce reports when they are required
  • Developing and maintaining detailed network documentation
  • Conduct upgrades and maintenance of network devices
  • Deal with third-party vendors
  • Providing clear problem descriptions and guidance on how to deal with them
  • Carrying out regular and routine checks for any maintenance issues
  • Offering support to different technologies such as workstations, servers, and LAN/WAN network components

What are The Responsibilities of a Network Service Desk Engineer?

Apart from what is shown as part of the network service desk engineer job description, they have to be prepared to provide a quick response to any issues that arise. A business will expect network service desk engineer skills to include the ability to diagnose and solve problems when they occur, providing help desk support for the network.

While giving priority to any issues the staff may have, they should be able to gather and analyze information that will result in identifying sources of errors and resolve performance issues.

They are also responsible for documenting security procedures and standards and will deal with third party vendors to evaluate benefits and costs. This can involve in-depth analysis and research on customer networks.

What Education is Required for Network Service Desk Engineer Freelance Jobs

When you are considering network service desk engineer jobs as a career, there are some qualifications that are needed and others that can prove to be very useful.

As a minimum, anyone that is looking at network service desk engineer freelance jobs will have completed their higher secondary education and have a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, information technology, telecommunications, electronics, IT or any other related field.

What Skills do you Require?

Many of the skills you will require will come via of the job, and these include things such as the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, as well as being good at communicating the problems in a clear and concise manner. There are also some certificates that can enhance network service desk engineer skills, such as:

Some businesses will be looking for candidates with relevant experience too, but others just require a person with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What Salary Can a Network Service Desk Engineer Expect?

At entry level, network service desk engineer jobs pay $29,055 per year, but this does rise according to experience and qualifications.  The salary for a network service desk engineer averages at $53, 774 but there are some that earn as much as $128,351.  The highest paid engineers tend to have specialist skills in server and virtualization, but most experienced engineers can expect to earn $82,875.

A network service desk engineer salary does not vary greatly from country to country as long as the network service desk engineer responsibilities are the same, and as Field Engineer is a global market place for this type of work, you can expect to earn a similar amount no matter where you are located.

The Job Outlook For a Network Service Desk Engineer

There is a demand for people who have qualified as and have experience as a network service desk engineer. It is also a job that provides opportunities to learn new skills, which will help freelancers to accept a wider variety of tasks.

Freelancing has many advantages, but only if you can find the businesses that need your services. That is where Field Engineer steps in. We bridge the gap between businesses and freelancers so that they can connect with each other.

Currently, there are more than 40,00 engineers from 180 countries registered with Field Engineer. With the options to search and choose engineers that fir the profile of what they require, businesses use our services time and time again. Of course, this works both ways and engineers are able to opt who they work for too.

Signing up with Field Engineer could not be any simpler. It just takes a few minutes of your time to register and start your road to success. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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