HP Field Support Engineer

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An HP Field Support Engineer installs, configures, and fixes Hewlett-Packard servers and systems. The technician devises, analyzes, schedules, and adjusts systems and servers of an organization. The engineer develops and assesses standards methods for determining the performance of systems and servers.

The individual has to have excellent analytical skills and will most often work independently.

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HP Field Support Engineer’s job description

Engineers extend voice and technical data support to end users. Because they usually carry out tasks that are reasonably complex at the clients’ location, they should draw upon creativity and innovation while addressing issues.
They provide technical support to clients by explaining their problems and solutions lucidly. Support Engineers evaluate the needs of the network and make suggestions to change in design and processes. They aid in the design and integrations of the ecosystems of data and voice networks.

Importantly, engineers need to assess the needs and capacities of data hardware and software. Depending on the outcomes, they suggest suitable plans and solutions.

Their responsibilities also include installing, configuring, examining, and resolving issues concerning network hardware and software.

Engineers set up secure architectures to install networks and pull out statistics on capacity and availability of performance.

Also, they need to have extensive knowledge of technical principles, methods, concepts, and procedures. Engineers would have to work on an array of problems and assignments on projects requiring consideration and study. They employ technical concepts and knowledge when deciding which solutions are most suited for the clients.

Future for an HP Field Support Engineer

If engineers learn new technologies related to HP, they can become SAN support engineers or cloud support engineers or try their hand at technologies, such as DevOps.

Educational qualifications and other requirements for HP Field Support Engineers

To become HP Field Support Engineers, candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent along with up to two years’ experience in this field.  

If engineers have experience in HP Server/Storage technology, besides knowledge of Cisco UCS, Network+, VMware, VCP, Server+, HP-AIS, they would be preferred.

Salary of an HP Field Support Engineer

The annual average wage of an HP Field Service Engineer is $100,425 in the United States, according to paysa.com.

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