Field Support Engineer

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Field Support Engineers provide on-site support for client networks. The engineer must possess knowledge of network hardware, networking, software, and configuration. They address tasks such as the testing, documenting, setting up, and installation of network hardware. They actively participate with clients in devising solutions to improve services. The engineer must be conversant with the latest technologies. Engineers play a vital role in the success of any organization.

The Field Support Engineer is responsible to create emergency service plans for customers. They must recommend effective solutions and improvements to achieve the targeted goals. It is them who usually take care of the scheduled customer and technical support related trainings to field staffs. The professionals must look into product installations and anything related to maintenance activities.

Job Description

Support Engineers assist clients in solving complex technical issues. They employ practices intended to reduce the occurrence of network connectivity issues. This position, however, includes a clear demarcation of various duties that all come under this job purview. Job tasks include the following responsibilities:

Provide On-Site Support
A Field Support Engineer must respond to all client queries. This position may require working after hours as well as a presence on-site as required. The professional collaborates with other network professionals in the organization to devise suggestions for expediting maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. They document all relevant departmental and field activities and resolve the complexities.

Network Maintenance
Support Engineers ensure that client networks operate consistently and efficiently. They confirm consistent up-time of enterprise routers, servers, and networks. They engage in routine maintenance checkup as well. With the advent of cloud-based services, keeping the network up and running has become more important to the enterprise than previous.

Troubleshooting and Debugging
Engineers confer with customers in initial deployment troubleshooting, as well as in initial debugging of new hardware and software. They must have a good understanding of Ethernet and wireless networks. Engineers should consult all relevant documentation of the client network topology when making troubleshooting decisions.

Operation & Maintenance
Field Support Engineer offers guidance and training to the client personnel.  It is their duty to educate them about the product operation and maintenance procedures. The professionals also coordinate with the contractors for any necessary facility support. They must analyze issues and prepare service report in a timely manner.

Field Support Engineer Job Description

Educational Qualifications

Technicians interested in pursuing this position should have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, software or IT engineering. A master’s degree provides an added advantage. It is an added advantage to have relevant technical field knowledge.


Vendors usually offer the certifications. These certifications validate the knowledge of the candidates. They give the employers an idea of tasks the candidate can handle. Generally, organizations want the employees to hold certifications in the products they use. So, here are some certifications that can come handy for Field Support Engineer.

  • Cisco certificates (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE)
  • Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS)
  • Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA)
  • Certified IP Telecom Network Specialist (CIPTS)
  • Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA)

Field Support Engineer Salary

According to the, a Support Engineer earns about $64,966 per year. As per other sources, salaries average $ 87,000 per year with a minimum of $ 48,000 offered. Candidates with the right amount of experience can earn up to $ 93,000. Other factors play an important role, including other relevant skills, academic background and the location and size of the company.  As per, the average salary of the Field Support Engineer salary ranges from approximately $44,001 per year for Field Investigator to $70,962 per year for Support Engineer.

Career Outlook

Considerable competition exists for this position. Even though there are many job opportunities available, only candidates with the right mix of skills will get hired. It is important to complete the assigned duties as per the instructions to survive the competition. There are better chances of getting hired, if the candidate has a good professional record. To get noticed quickly, the candidate should be able to carry out the Field Support Engineer responsibilities with ease. Employers look at relevant experience, the extent of work experience and prefer that candidates have a varied skill set and that they can learn new technologies quickly.

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