Enduser Support Technician

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The End user Support Technician provides essential support to computer software development organizations, network systems vendors, software training companies and software and hardware manufacturers. The support technician forms the front line of assistance for customers encountering problems or defects with products and programs.

End user Support Technicians deliver help to system users by responding to client queries, solving technical problems and retaining an organizational network, software and computer peripherals. They are also called desktop support technicians or computer support specialists depending upon the job roles within the companies.

The Technician addresses client telephone inquiries and emails. They provide on-call support to the user either at an organization’s office or a client-designated site. Support technicians diagnose client software, hardware, and network system problems. Telecom, IT, Network Operation Centers and Security Operation centers remain the primary employers of these technicians.

End User Support Technician Job Description

The End User Support Technician usually works with most desktop related aspects like laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, and related peripherals to support the organization. The support professionals ensure database capturing asset linked details are accurate and up-to-date, mainly for patch management and catalog reporting purposes. They focus on larger scale projects, including departmental requirements and patch management advantages.

Essential Job Responsibilities for This Position Include the Following Tasks

  • Assists client day-to-day functionality and efficiency
  • Provides IT support for desktops, printers, peripherals, telephone systems, and cellular devices
  • Configures, installs and maintains complex software systems
  • Identifies, manage and resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Manages projects successfully on time and within budget
  • Responds to customer requests effectively and communicates with them to address issues
  • They should update the user information in an organizational system
  • To update the user access for given IT applications for new and current employees

The support technician should possess a sound judgment when resolving system, hardware and software problems faced by the clients. Service Level Agreements remain fundamental to this position. These agreements enable technicians to earn and maintain customer trust, thereby helping the enterprise to grow and flourish.

The end user support technicians need to respond to clients’ varied and fluctuating needs is an essential capability makes your organization unique. The extensive experience of corporate team enlarged with technicians promises clienteles of a swift response.

Support technicians often attempt to solve client issues in a single call or visit. They train users in the installation of desktop software packages and make them aware of the basic functionality of their network.

Educational Requirements & Certifications

Educational Requirements & Certifications

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most organizations look for candidates with a bachelor degree in the field of computer science, IT, Telecom or related field. Certifications add value to candidate’s resume and help them to stand out.

Nowadays Enduser Support Technician remains the traditional way of entry into computer or telecom field for several professionals. An important way to make yourself stand out as support professional is to authenticate your knowledge and skills by getting one of these leading support certifications.

Following are the Top Certifications to Get Equipped with

In a specific organization, the Enduser Support Technician gets formal on-the-job training for specialized computer software applications, hardware components, and network systems. In-house training differs due to the difficulty of applications and products along with the time of user support technician’s time to adopt new technologies.

Enduser Support Technicians are vital associates of today's labor force because of the extensive presence of computer technologies in the businesses. With excellent customer service skills and the ability for resolving issues, professionals who choose a career as an Enduser Support Technician should have satisfactory job prospects for the technical support. An associate's degree is usually the least requirement; however, professional certification may be suitable in place of formal learning.

Enduser Support Technician’s Salary

As per careerbliss.com support technicians earn an average of $44,000 as an annual salary in the United States. The support technician salaries can be rewarding and also you may work in this position on a freelance basis. Global freelance marketplaces, such as FieldEngineer, offer a proven platform for the freelancer to find potential employers.

Future Predictions of Support Technician

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a job progression rate of 18 percent for computer support technician by 2020. This forecast is an overall rate of growth compared to other professions. As per the Bureau, the industries will bring more demand for end user technician in the next decade.

By knowing which type of accreditations that employers require their employees to have can be a great help when selecting the best certification for yourself.

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