Data Center Operations Technician

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Data Center Operations Technicians are responsible for operating data center maintenance and operations equipment. They work as a technical resource providing assistance necessary for day-to-day data center operation. The technician ensures minimal downtime of data center equipment and plays an active role in maintaining its mission-critical data servers.

The technicians must make sure that the issues are escalated appropriately. They should work with high concentration and attention regarding security issues such as including passwords, access rights and privileges, confidentiality, virus, and many other threats. The professionals have to maintain and monitor tape rotation logs, security logs for data center access.

It is the responsibility of the Data Center Technician to communicate provisions of data center policies. They have to take off the physical appearance of the data center. The technician should work in close coordination with Network, Server and Telecom teams and report any issues they encounter.

Data Center Engineering Operation

Job Responsibilities

The Data Center Engineering Operations Technician provides all necessary assistance in regards to IT infrastructure including responsibilities such as customer device configurations. They ensure that the data center environment is secure and operational for customers.

Here are some essential duties that come under their purview:

  • Center technicians address customer device configuration including hardware modification, operating system installation, mounting of peripheral devices and cabling needs
  • Responsible for all fiber cabling including installation and testing in addition to troubleshooting connectivity issues with previously deployed copper or fiber cabling.
  • Provide technical communication pertaining to customer configurations in a concise, professional manner.
  • Possess good knowledge of customer ticketing software and internal ticketing system to provide proper customer service.
  • Must identify and resolve simple server hardware failures to include the replacement of failed hardware components.
  • Troubleshoot operating systems storage issues such as disk management and other technologies.
  • Demonstrate high levels of passion and enthusiasm when providing support to all customers and coworkers.
  • Conversant with building, repairing and upgrading required hardware components.
  • Possess sound knowledge of operating systems, networking, security, and storage technologies.
  • Proficiency with productivity software and experience with monitoring tools will be an added advantage.
  • Coordination with Data Center Operations and risk management teams to implement management processes and policies.
  • Provide investigation documentation, tracking, and reporting of overall asset inventory.
  • Provide assistance in monitoring, operating, and maintaining, and responding to abnormal conditions in facility systems.
  • Command the installation, cabling for power and network connections, and initial configuration of servers, network equipment, and other Data Center nodes.
  • Collaborate with different teams to coordinate equipment installation, repairs, and improvements.

Educational Qualification

The Data Center Operations Technician must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology Engineering. Proper knowledge of hardware and software will be an added advantage. Apart from education and experience, certification courses can further job prospects. The candidates must have good knowledge about Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing, and other technicalities related to Datacenter.

Useful Certifications

Owning to ever-changing technology, many of today’s data center certifications need additional skills such as virtualization and cloud computing. Apart from these two technologies, there are others that are affecting the space such as big data, the Internet of Things, network virtualization and more. While coming to the data center, the job responsibilities usually start from the associate level and go to the professional stage. To become well versed with all the new changes, these are some of the certification courses applicable to this position:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center)
  • Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center (JNCIP-DC)
  • VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIAE)
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)

Data Center Operations Technician Salary

According to Payscale, a Data Center Operations Technician employed in a Data Center earns about $49,123 annually. As of May 2018, the hourly wage is somewhere around $23.78. The national average of Data Center Operation Technician’s salary as per Glassdoor is $59,279 yearly. The salary estimates show that on an average a Data Center Operations Technician salary ranges from approximately from $58,235 per year for Network Operations Technician to $86,221 per year for Data Center Technician.

Data Center Operations Technician Salary

Career Outlook for Data Center Operations Technician

By 2020, there is expected to be a growth of 22 percent in the US IT job sector. Professionals with data center skills seem to have bright chances to get promoted or hired by the organizations. Employers are in search of candidates who can maintain and manage their data centers.

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