Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

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Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS) Salary, Cost and More?

A Certified Wireless Technology Specialist, CWTS, is aimed at non-technical engineering team managers, sales managers, and those who are just starting their careers in Wireless Networking

This foundational course will give you these basics:

  • Networking devices, 
  • protocols, 
  • routing and switching, 
  • management systems, 
  • protocols, 
  • routing and switching, 
  • common security threats and solutions 

You will experience demonstrations of a broad scope of networking devices and diagnostic tools. The CWTS course will prepare you confidently to tackle networking tasks like design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

What is a Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS), and it is a Career Path? 

The CWTS certification gives candidates a solid foundation to build their wireless networking careers. It gives a high-level overview of the field, the concepts that are within the learning topics provide a base for all future learning. 

The ideal candidate is those that sell and support wireless LAN (WLAN) technologies. CWTS is an entry-level enterprise WLAN certification covering terminology and functionality of enterprise 802.11 wireless networks. 

To find out about all of the career pathways possible from this foundation qualification, check out more of FieldEngineer.

The CWTS qualification is the recommended prerequisite for the CWNA certification.

Here is the learning pathway:

  • Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)
  • Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)
  • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP)
  • Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)
  • Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)

What is The Job Description of the Certified Wireless Technology Specialist, Roles, and Responsibilities of these Specialists?

Wireless communication is essential in people’s homes and also across almost all businesses. It allows for a versatile IT environment and for several solutions that make it easier for companies of any size to conduct business.

The right technical skills, coupled with a foundational understanding of wireless technologies and the ability to solve Wi-Fi issues, can include emerging threats and vulnerabilities within several ICT segments. The qualifications also give professionals a much better chance in today’s fast-moving job market. A certification is a great way to prove their abilities to employers and measure their technical proficiency and expertise with wireless LANs.

Typical duties for a wireless network engineer can include:

  • Researching, designing, and implementing wireless networks. Including all engineering specifications and resource requirements for network hardware and software
  • Giving recommendations for optimization, additions, and upgrades to the wireless network. 
  • Conducting and documenting radio frequency (RF) coverage and site surveys
  • Documenting network infrastructure and design
Wireless Technology Specialist

How Much Can They Earn After Wireless Technology Specialist Certification? 

Certifications often translate into higher-paying positions. Those with CWNP can earn higher salaries than their uncertified IT colleagues. Reported salaries are up to $87,250 for some sales and support Certified Wireless Technology Specialists (CWTS) to $262,500 for Certified Wireless Network Experts (CWNE).

What is a Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)? 

A certifies wireless technology specialist is a person who has taken and passed the CWTS qualification. They have studied the following topics and have knowledge and understanding of each:

  • The OSI Model
  • Device Addressing
  • Hardware and Software
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals
  • Site Surveying and Installation
  • Applications, Support, and Troubleshooting
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Switching
  • IPv4 Routing
  • Internet Gateways
  • Network Protocols
  • Device Management and Security Threats
  • Device Management and Internet Bandwidth
  • Device Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Technologies, Standards, and Certifications

Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Career Path 

The Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS) is the certification that validates your knowledge and skills pertaining to IT sales and support professionals. Enterprise 802.11 wireless networks are the focus of this course. You will learn all of the basics. 

Hardware and software. Security and compliance. In-depth information about Radio Frequency (RF). This comprehensive certification was designed to demonstrate your understanding of Wi-Fi technology and data networking and help you take the first steps for success in a career in IT. 

The CWTS certification is a support and sales level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. 

To earn a CWTS certification, you must take the exam and pass with a score of 70% or higher. Those who plan on teaching must pass with 80% or above. 

You can choose how to prepare for the CWTS exam, but ideally, you should start with the exam objectives, covering the full list of skills tested on the exam. As the CTWS is a foundation qualification, it is not required to retake the exam or to 

You must pass the Certified Wireless Technology Specialist exam. The exam has a 90-minute time limit and is made up of 60 questions. A score of 70% (80% for instructors) is required to pass. Training is available but not required.

Wireless Technology Specialist Certification Cost 

The examination for the certification is £175 (USD). The exam duration is 90 minutes, during which you will answer 60 multiple choice and multiple answer questions. There are no prerequisites as this course because CWTS is an entry-level certification.

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