Certified Wireless Design Professional

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The Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) is someone who can develop enterprise Wi-Fi networks. They have to work with various applications, deployments, and environments. The certified professional will have an in-depth understanding of wireless network designs, common security services across the network. The freelance CWDP experts can take care of the necessary physical and logical components of the wireless network. They will be well-versed with the wireless site survey which provides extensive knowledge about different approaches.

The CWDP expert is responsible for ensuring authentication, confidentiality, and integrity in the wireless network. They also have a good understanding of post-Wi-Fi installation. The freelance professionals must take care of the newly installed wireless networks and look into the proper functioning. The freelance Certified Wireless Design Professional has a vital role to play in the design documentation as it provides an overview of the comprehensive data.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Certified Wireless Network Professional focuses on five key areas such as Network Planning, Enterprise WLAN Design strategies, Infrastructure Design, and Network Services, Advanced Site Surveying, 802.11 Security Design, and Design Troubleshooting. The professional is responsible for collecting pre-deployment information and developing achievable goals for the WLAN. They should have the ability to explain the design requirements and implement best practice for network planning and deployment. The CWDP expert must know how to create design strategies for WLAN architecture and WLAN arrays.

The professionals must understand the impact of design on network deployment. They have to develop a design approach for OSI layers, using VLANs. It is the Certified Wireless Design Professional who is responsible for implementing load balancing, ensuring high availability and roaming support. The professionals have to make all the necessary preparation for site surveys adhering to the industry standards.  They will have a proper understanding of conducting a survey in various possible ways. The CWDP expert understands how to apply the resultant survey data to the WLAN designs. They must prepare for security by adopting authentication and encryption solution. The Certified Wireless Design Professional should provide protected access to Wi-Fi networks.

The CWDP has adequate knowledge to conduct spectrum and RF analysis. They have to identify high utilization and provide remedial actions. It is the duty of the Certified Wireless Design Professional to resolve any problems in network design. The professionals must submit a budget for WLAN projects and plan solutions accordingly. They have to analyze the device clients are using and ensure proper functioning. The Certified Wireless Design Professional must examine various design models for both multiple channel architecture and single-channel architecture WLANs. They should oversee the data forwarding models and must understand the working of the distributed antenna system.

Certified Wireless Design Professional has a better understanding of the functions and components of the WLAN operational planes. They must know the importance of QoS in multi-service WLANs. It is the CWDP who understands the usage VLAN in wired and wireless network segmentation. They should have the ability to explain load balancing, its purpose and how and when it should be implemented. The professional must be able to explain in detail the RF behaviors. They have an important role to play in developing a balanced RF link between the AP and client devices. The CWDP also has a role to play in the usage of network design.

Educational Qualification & Additional Skills

Certified Wireless Design Professional has to complete higher secondary education. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunication, electronics & electrical or any other related field. Candidates with prior and relevant work experience will have better chances to get placed. Some organizations are hiring candidates with a master’s degree or a certain specialization related to wireless.

Useful Certification

Certified Wireless Design Professional

Certified Wireless Design Professional certification will teach you the essential skills to create enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It prepares the individuals to work with various applications, deployments, and environments. The certification provides the knowledge take care of any Wi-Fi gear the organization deploys. The candidates should have a current and valid CWNA credential to apply for the certification.

Useful Certification


The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average Certified Wireless Design Professional salary ranges from approximately $67,044 per year for Network Administrator to $107,314 per year for Voice Engineer.

Advantages of Freelancing in this Career

Freelance Certified Wireless Design Professional can work from wherever they want. Freelance professionals can get paid on an hourly basis and depending on their skills. They will have many opportunities, but freelance professionals can pick and choose what they like the best.

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