Cisco IP Telephony Engineer

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Cisco IP Telephony Engineer

A Cisco IP Telephony Engineer is responsible for resolving incidents and service requests assigned by network teams. They must work in collaboration with vendors and partners to identify and rectify issues and implement solutions that provide tactical and long-term solutions. Engineers must also play an active role in reviewing working environments and providing suggestions on how a configuration can be standardized. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers are further responsible for understanding how processes can be improved.

Engineers must plan changes and acquire necessary approval from line management and Change Advisory boards. They must also coordinate with their teams and complete configurations for sites migrating to a Cisco IPT solution. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers should be well-versed with Cisco Unified Communication Manager provisioning. They also must be able to enable specific features and services and install Cisco Unity Connection Administration versions 10 and higher.

Cisco IP Telephony Engineers must troubleshoot and configure Voice over IP and other services such as Extension mobility, CTI, Hunt Group, Soft Key Template, Phone Button Template and Voicemail. Engineers are responsible for installing and resolving issues related to Unity Voice mail, Voice Mail Profile, Voicemail Templates and Auto Attendant. They further must have in-depth understanding of architectures such as clustering, CCNA and CCNA voice.

Engineers must be able to resolve issues related to the functionality of Cisco IP Telephony. They must have a strong background and understanding of SIP and VOIP communications. They further must troubleshoot complex technical issues and provide cost-effective solutions. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers also provide team members technical know-how and they must investigate and provide improvements of Cisco IPT environments. Engineers must further be proficient in LAN, WAN, Cisco IP routing and switching. They also must create detailed documentation and deliver this to support departments.

Cisco IP Telephony Engineers are also responsible for delivery mechanisms and processes relating to business unit services. They, in effect, must take ownership of relevant technologies.

Job Description

A Cisco IP Telephony Engineer plays an important role in the alignment and execution of strategic services related to engineering. Engineers must establish a working Cisco UC Manager 10.x VOIP system while keeping in mind client requirements. They must also resolve problems through research, installation, customization, network administration and network management support, and they are responsible for the implementation and management of all aspects of a VOIP network infrastructure, which includes cabling, racking, LANs, WANs, WLANs and Network Security.

Engineers must provide on-call operational level support for all facets of Cisco VOIP hardware and software. Engineers further must deliver proof of concepts for emerging technologies. They additionally must make recommendations and deliver them to both design and management teams. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers also must be part of a multi-discipline design team that assists in capacity planning of VOIP equipment and networks.

Cisco IP Telephony Engineers provide VOIP architecture and infrastructure designs for data centers and site deployments. Engineers must provide operational support for moves, adds and changes relating to service tickets. Engineers are also responsible for opening and managing TAC cases and for rectifying user, VOIP or collaboration infrastructure problems. Engineers further must provide technical support and examine the root causes of problems relating to a client’s application, product and network incidents.

Engineers must plan, install, configure, examine and maintain Cisco Call Manager products. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers are also responsible for relevant documentation and must have deep knowledge of Cisco IP telephony technologies and solutions. They further must accept, manage and update service requests to ascertain that contracted service levels are met, and they must handle IPT faults and projects.

Cisco IP Telephony Engineers play an active role in identifying and resolving client problems within contracted service levels and are involved with IPT installations and deliveries of IP Telephony projects. Engineers are further responsible for overseeing developed software through its life cycle and must provide software and hardware testing with future IPT code releases.

Engineers must develop and update IPT standards and configuration templates. They are responsible for tracking bugs, vulnerabilities and IPT application exceptions. They must also take part in alert-based monitoring and offer expert-level support to production environments. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers must further create detailed IPT applications for Cisco IPT, computer telephony, voicemail and voice conferencing. Engineers are also responsible for guidelines, standards and configuration templates, and they must have expertise in developing IPT/ VOIP applications. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers further must ensure smooth integrations relating to MS Cisco IPT solutions. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers finally must be well-versed with Unix/Linux environments and shell/Perl scripting, and they must be able to integrate Cisco IPT solutions into existing legacy systems.

Education Qualifications

A Cisco IP Telephony Engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology or some related field. Individuals with relevant work experience have an edge over those who do not. Regardless, individuals must have hands-on experience in Cisco SIP call control, IP routing, VoIP deployments and SIP Trunking as well as knowledge of other relevant key concepts. Organizations may also seek individuals who have a master’s degree or a particular specialization.

Useful Certifications

Cisco IP Telephony Certification

Cisco IP Telephony certifications enhance an individual's skills in supporting multi-service network solutions. The certification focuses on designing and installing Cisco IP Telephony solutions, IP Telephony fundamentals and Call Manager Express.


The Indeed Salary estimate states that on an average Cisco IP Telephony Engineer salary ranges from approximately $83,903 per year for VOIP Engineer to $106,603 per year for Senior Network Engineer. As per Glassdoor, the national average wage for this position is $1,06,434 in the United States.

Job Outlook

The career opportunities seem to increase with the advancement of technology. Some organizations are also in search of freelance professionals who can fulfill their job requirements. Candidates interested in going the freelancing way, this is the best opportunity, if you have the right skill sets.

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