IP Telephony Specialist

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IP Telephony Specialist

Are you ready to earn a living as an IP telephony specialist? At Field Engineer, you’ll find that our solution can help, providing you the opportunity to gain the attention you need from clients you want.

What Is The Job Description?

An IP telephony specialist job description isn’t that complex. You will be working to redirect calls to any number a client selects using an automated process. Typically, an IP telephony specialist will access the internet protocol packet switched networks and use this to exchange fax or voice information. This is an alternative to sending the info across dedicated circuit-switched networks of the PSTN and is far more efficient.

Using an IP telephony specialist, clients and businesses can get a range of different benefits. For instance, you will work to repair and fix any IP telephony issues that may arise. You will also need to make sure that you are installing and linked up devices that are necessary for telephony servers. As well as providing technical support, operating as an IP telephony specialist will mean you must manage policies for IP telephony systems within a company.

Specialists like this are in high demand in various industries around the world today. Working as a freelancer, you will quickly find there are a wealth of companies in need of your services and solutions on the market.

What Are The Responsibilities of An IP Telephony Specialist?

There are a variety of IP telephony specialist responsibilities that you must understand and be aware of. Working in this role, you will help arrange and execute strategic services related to voice over IP. You will be expected to handle all assignments including:

  • Designing all VoIP/IP-PBX telephone devices
  • Planning technology roadmaps
  • VoIP enterprises

Further responsibilities include ensuring you have a fantastic understanding of extension mobility, services of Call manager, mobile voice access and Cisco Call Manager. You should be able to create both extensions and profiles in bulk as well as maintain the globally available IP telephony infrastructures on a global scale. Furthermore, you will need to be able to troubleshoot problems and find solutions for WAN and LAN hardware mechanisms. On a daily basis, you will also be expected to make sure that you maintain Cisco telephony/UC operations including incident and problem management.

Education Is Required For IP Telephony Freelance Jobs

What Education is Required for IP Telephony Freelance Jobs?

If you want to be successful in this field, you must make sure that you have a degree in computer science or IT network technologies. Various other degrees may also be suitable and there are further certifications that would ensure you stand out from the competition. Generally speaking, the more certifications you have, the more likely you will be to get hired.

This is particularly important when you are pursuing IP telephony freelance jobs. Here, there will always be various professionals competing for the same project or client. You must make sure that you can separate yourself from the rest.

What Skills Do you Require?

If you are eager to be hired as an IP telephony specialist, then you need to make sure that you have experience working with voice communication technologies. This is just one of the essential IP telephony specialist skills.

It is vital that you have experience working with CCNA/CCNP, Cisco UC and Collaboration certifications. This will ensure that you are in high demand on the market. You should also have a firm understanding of Cisco unified communications systems integration procedures and VoIP protocols.

What Salary Can you Expect?

You can expect a significantly high salary operating as an IP Telephony Specialist. If you are Cisco certified, an IP telephony specialist salary could be as much as $83,840 each year as per indeed. This could be more depending on your level of experience operating as a specialist within the US.

Freelancing is a smart starting point if you are looking to gain the experience necessary for this type of salary. Once you gain the right level of experience, you will be more valuable to the top clients and employers. Operating as an engineer on the FE platform, you will constantly be working for new clients and developing opportunities in the field.

Sign up now and you will immediately be put in contact with businesses that require your services. You will gain offers for your work regardless of where you are in the world and start building up the experience you need to boost your career. Forty thousand engineers are already operating globally using our platform and you could be next.

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