Avaya Certified Specialist (ACS)

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Avaya Certified Specialists (ACS) incorporate data networking, voice networking, and applications into enterprise business communications solutions. They will provide service and support for maintaining servers of communications and messaging with an emphasis on telecommunications, networking, and system administration.

The responsibilities of specialists include investigating and resolving various voice and network incidents that end users face. They interact with vendors for resolving trouble, in addition to extending support to core voice systems, including IP telephony.

Finally, specialists need to be good team players.

The Job Description of Avaya Certified Specialists

One of the major responsibilities of Avaya Certified Specialists is providing support directly to end users who use the services and telecom systems of their organizations. They prioritize tickets that end users raise on the basis of their criticality and respond promptly.  

Support specialists take the onus of allotted service requests by resolving them completely. They evaluate and begin action on service requests from end users, gather information in detail, and take an informed decision in analyzing problems to meet the clients’ requirement effectively and efficiently. Technicians install and test various telecommunications’ components.

Specialists reduce or eliminate client downtime. They provide prompt feedback to clients. They test client applications, document the relevant details of all assigned service requests, and quickly initiate required processes when end users request for them. They apprise managers on updates, statuses, and conclusions through email, voice mail or in-person on all vital issues.

Technicians deploy and fix voice-related issues/system outages of their clients. They oversee, evaluate, suggest, test, and deploy new software revisions.

In addition, specialists assess system logs, detect potential problems related to telecommunications, and oversee the telecommunication network infrastructure. They support cutting-edge monitoring and reporting tools to proactively supervise in order to cut down outages to phone systems.

Specialists interact with heads of teams on new projects, maintenance activities of systems, and contingent activities so that staff is geared up to support them.  

Specialists follow organizational procedures to escalate unresolved problems to the concerned internal departments. They also need to train end users on how to use different types of telecommunications tools and services when necessary.

Prospects for Avaya Certified Specialists

As wireless technologies will replace wired technologies in the future, Avaya Telecommunications Technicians will need to continue acquiring new skills by joining courses, or by enrolling in graduate or postgraduate courses, according to study.com.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements for Avaya Certified Specialists

A degree holder in computer science or telecommunications with experience in PBX System Administration and certifications, such as Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS) or an equivalent, would be the ideal candidate to be an Avaya Certified Specialist.

Salaries of Avaya Certified Specialists

The annual salary of an Avaya Certified Specialist in the United States is $79,000 per year, according to payscale.com. Meanwhile, freelancers earn $27 per hour.

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