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Field Engineer is an innovating online marketplace that connects service providers with the best engineers worldwide. If you need a security engineer with a specific skill set and don’t know how to go about finding them, the FE platform is the right place for you.

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FE has adopted a new workforce model – a B2B service that brings the right professionals to the location where their skills are needed. At the same time, both the contractors and service providers get the satisfaction they crave. Employers get a significant cost reduction and better time management – no relocation expenses or time-consuming candidate selection processes involved. Engineers get to pick only the jobs they like – the ones that will make them stand out from the rest and are in line with their respective schedules. A win-win solution for both parties, with a host of satisfied customers to boot.

Best security Engineers Inc are Waiting for your Job Offer. Find Them at Field Engineer Today.

Superb security engineers inc are to be found worldwide, but only if you know how to look them up. The main benefit of the Field Engineer platform is that it makes the world a smaller place while still covering a large number of countries on different continents.

Basically, wherever you are, FE will help you locate the right field engineer with the exact skill set you are after, and in no time to top it off. Our online marketplace already numbers over 15,000 certified professionals from North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe – 137 countries in total.

If you are skeptical about doing business online, we do not blame you. Nobody knows better than us the challenges the telecoms industry faces on a regular basis. Complexity and pressure can reach such heights that it is nearly impossible to imagine that the best field engineer will simply be teleported to service providers’ doorstep. Yet, at Field Engineer, it does happen. How? Simply, we’ve worked hard to make the impossible a reality.

Needless to say, without going global and shifting the boundaries further, the demand would, eventually, drown the supply. Already it has become impossible in many places to outsource the workforce and get the job done in time. Customers are not to be made to wait, especially if we keep in mind that there are numerous telecom engineers scattered all around the world. There really are, you’ve just been missing them for a long, long time.


With more than 20 years of experience in telecoms and IT outsourcing, I know first-hand the pain of identifying, hiring and ensuring quality B2B work. In 2015, a U.S.-based tier 1 telecom came to me while at ExterNetworks. They were looking for a way to get the field resources to deliver on a new opportunity, but only had workers on the ground in the U.S. This is a problem I’ve heard time and time again – and so I knew there was a big opportunity to create a new model for how skilled B2B work gets done, especially in the telecom space, Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of Field Engineer.


Best Cisco Tech Jobs Coming your Way: Sign Up at Field Engineer to Get Customized Job Alerts for your Area.

Superb Cisco tech jobs are only a small part of the offer certified professionals can expect to find at Field Engineer. Since its launching in 2016, the FE platform has helped complete ca. 4,500 project posted by 45 different service providers. All that – globally.

If you happen to be a security engineer in Asia, you need not worry. We’ve got you covered, and we also help your colleagues living in other continents find best jobs in their area. Sign up at FE to start browsing for jobs or, better still, get customized job alerts delivered to your mailbox. The FE app has gone mobile – you can get it for iOS and Android as to never miss a job opportunity in the future. Catch job postings on the go – wherever in the wide world you are.

Service providers looking for the finest telecom engineers may also breathe a sigh of relief. Our extensive pool of certified professionals is reliable, browsable, and growing by the minute.

Getting Access to Field Engineer’s Pool of Professionals

A rather simple process, really. If there is one thing that FE is proud of boasting, it is its hard-earned wisdom. We know how short your time really is and we make sure to get things done immediately. On top of that, we provide all the paperwork normally checked out by the HR team. All credentials and background checks are ready for you the moment you start receiving bids. Freelance engineering is, we believe, the future of the industry and, as such, needs to be reliable and prompt.

To start receiving bids for your job, simply sign up, fund your account, and fill out a work order. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Your account may be funded via PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer. Once the bids start coming your way (pretty soon after your job gets listed, we assure you), simply evaluate them and negotiate the terms with the right candidate. Everything having been agreed upon, FE reserves the funds from your account and releases them only when the job has been executed successfully. You retain full control over the process – FE’s <i>real-time completion feature</i> allows for seamless tracking.

Get only the best of the best telecom engineers in the area to complete your jobs.

The Process of Hiring the Best Security Engineer Gets Simplified at Field Engineer.

The once painfully long process of locating and outsourcing the best security engineer for your important project is neither difficult, nor lengthy, nor expensive anymore.

The FE platform is fully automated. You only need to specify your criteria to get only the bids that meet them. As we manage all paperwork, you won’t need waste any time on background checks, liability insurance, and similar. Last but not least, at FE you will only get to hire professionals when there is work to do. No labor costs in the meantime. We keep things simple and to the point!

Engage engineers anywhere anytime.

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