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Finding the Best Cisco Certified Technician: Field Engineer is the Perfect Hub!

Are you in need of a brilliant Cisco certified technician with the right skill set? Field Engineer (FE) has the answer. Sign up for free to get access to the biggest pool of certified engineering professionals online. No matter where you are, you will find best field engineers in your area right here, right now.

Finding a right skilled Cisco engineer looks to be easy as FE promises not to leave any stones unturned for a perfect match. Cisco engineers are a type of network administrator who specialize in networks built using Cisco products. Cisco certified engineers work for companies, governments, non-profits and any other entity that needs to build or maintain a large computer network. Cisco certified engineer are most skilled level of professionals for a quality performance in a given project. The national average salary for a Cisco Network Engineer is $77,484 in United States.

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Field Engineer was launched in October 2016 (its beta version, to be more precise) and has since seen more than 15,000 engineers sign up. So far, the covered regions include North and South America, Europe, Africa, and APAC regions.

The number of the projects completed via our platform speaks volumes about FE’s efficiency: 4,500 jobs have been posted and completed as of now, with 45 different contractors and numerous engineers participating. FE’s main selling point is that it does not waste your time. Indeed, what drives us in the pursuit of creating the most reliable online hub for engineers and employers alike is the fact that we know time is money. The FE platform makes it possible for you to reduce the average four-week contractor selection time frame dramatically – namely, to mere minutes.

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Finding a skilled Cisco engineer might not sound like a difficult task – if you are in the right area, that is. What about places with a serious lack of professionals, then? The answer is easy: find the right person online today. FE guarantees they will turn up for the job and finish it as agreed.

The field engineer marketplace prides itself in providing all the paperwork that would otherwise take you weeks to complete. We screen all credentials, liability insurance, do background checks, and provide applicant reviews.

When we say that hiring the ideal engineer is easy and reliable through FE, we mean it. Having worked in the industry for many years, we know that things are, more often than not, way too complicated in terms of the contractor selection process. If all the right professionals were located exactly where needed, things would be optimal. Still, we all know that telecoms, MSPs, and VARs cannot deal with the backlog of work globally and the pace of an emerging technological change by retaining the workers they already have. Time and place simply rarely match.

To hire telecom engineers, you will need to allocate the work when and where needed – a dreadfully long, complicated, and expensive process. Going online is, therefore, the only way for things to develop on both ends, as the employers will be able to find best professionals exactly where they need them, and engineers will get to maintain their schedule and at the desired rates of pay.

Cisco Tech Professionals are Only Clicks Away. Sign up at Field Engineer to Find Them.

Cisco tech professionals listed at FE are among the best ones, globally. By covering a large area worldwide, Field Engineer has made certain to help best employers meet the contractors they need – with ease!

To find your desired Cisco certified technician, you will only need to sign up at FE – a seamless process that will take up no time. Here is how it works.

Signing up at FE: Employers

  1. Sign up at FE by providing your login details.
  2. Fund your account with ease: PayPal, credit card, and bank account payments available.
  3. Fill out a work order. Once finished, your job will get listed at FE.
  4. Start receiving bids.
  5. Evaluate the bids.
  6. Hire telecom engineers with the right skill set.
  7. Agree the terms with the contractor.
  8. Track project progress – FE provides a neat real-time tracking feature.

Signing up at FE: Engineers

  1. Sign up at FE by providing your login details.
  2. Publish your credentials.
  3. Specify your interest (this will allow for best search results).
  4. Browse available jobs.
  5. Get job offers delivered to your inbox – FE’s job alert system will help you keep track of the offer on the go.
  6. Once you’ve found a job that suits you, submit your application.
  7. Agree the terms with the employer.
  8. Start working.
  9. Get paid.

FE guarantees all payments upon project completion, and immediately afterwards at that. The moment the terms are agreed, our escrow system reserves the funds for the contractor. The real-time tracking feature allows the employer to monitor the progress throughout the term – no payment delays applicable whatsoever.

Hire telecom engineers at FE with confidence and ease. We have made sure to make the process as straightforward as it gets, and guarantee satisfaction on both ends. The employer gets the job done as agreed, and the contractor gets the payment instantaneously.

What sets FE apart from other similar online job hubs is that we make finding the jobs that match the exact skills different field engineers can bring to the table an easy task. We connect service providers who have jobs with the field engineers who have the skills by automating the entire job process.

FE has created a new field operations model in the telecommunications industry with the sole aim of helping employers to focus on their next project while the job is getting done. On contractors end, FE allows them the freedom to work where they want – on their schedule.

Difficulties with Finding the Best Cisco Certified Technician with the Exact Skill Set are a Thing of the Past.

Find the best Cisco certified technician with ease today. At FE we mean business and are dedicated to saving your time and easing your efforts during the selection process. To that end, we have created a useful feedback system. Every engineer to have completed a task via FE will have gotten a review. Read fellow employers’ feedback to double-check candidates’ skills and reliability. Why complicate things when we all have the same long-term objective in mind – a perfect world where everyone gets exactly what they need wherever in the wide world they are.

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