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How to Become a Juniper Network Certified Internetwork Expert


Gary McCauley


June 26, 2019

If you want to learn about Juniper networks and build the skills needed to manage them as part of your job, the JNCIA-Junos certification is the first step. After this first certification, you can choose from several training paths to achieve specialist, professional and expert levels. JNCIE is the highest level that you can achieve.


What is JNCIE?

To become a Juniper Network Certified Internetwork Expert, engineers need to follow the training path offered by Juniper. The associate level certification is required in order to take any of the other certifications. After the associate level, engineers can progress to specialist, professional and finally expert level. If you want to become an expert in Juniper, you can study a number of different paths. There is a choice between Data Center, Enterprise Routing and Switching, Junos Security, and Service Provider Routing and Switching. The higher qualification is for people who have already begun to build their skills and knowledge in one of these areas.


How does JNCIE Certification Help IT Engineers?

JNCIE certification helps IT engineers to show that they are true experts in key networking skills. By the time you complete the JNCIE exams, you will also have had to gain lower level certifications too. If you're looking for ways to increase your salary and look for new work opportunities, obtaining JNCIE certification is the way to do it. Although you might already have plenty of knowledge about the relevant subjects, the certification demonstrates that you know what you're doing. It's a clear way to show employers that you really are an expert.

The Benefits of JNCIE Certification

Obtaining JNCIE certification comes with a number of excellent benefits. When you work on achieving expert level certification from Juniper, you open up new opportunities in your career. You can have access to higher salaries and more responsibility in your roles. Each expert level Juniper certification focuses on a different area, so you have the advantage of showing that you are an expert in that specific type of networking. The certifications last for three years, enabling you to ensure you stay up to date and demonstrate that you have the latest skills to your employers.

Skills Measured by JNCIE Certification

The skills measured by JNCIE certification depend on which path you decide to take. Each certification track will measure your skills in different areas. If you decide to cover more than one certification track, you could cover many skills over the exams that you take. For example, in the exam for the data center track, candidates spend a day building a data center network. In the Junos Security exam, you must build a secure enterprise network consisting of multiple interconnected sites and services using firewall devices. Each exam has its own objectives and skills that you will demonstrate to earn the certification.

Juniper JNCIE Certification Exams

Unlike other exams that you might take to obtain network qualifications, expert level exams from Juniper are not just a quick hour or two. They also don't consist of simple questions to be answered. The expert level exams last for eight hours and take the form of a hands-on lab so that candidates have the chance to really demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge of networking and the Junos operating system. Juniper offers self-study materials to help participants to prepare for their exams. However, these expert level exams are not something you can quickly prepare for if you don't already have the required experience and qualifications. There is no short course that you can take to prepare.

Juniper JNCIE Certification Prerequisites

To take an exam for JNCIE certification, you need to have JNCIP (Juniper Network Certified Internetwork Professional) certification in the same subject. For example, if you take the JNCIE-SP (service provider routing and switching) exam, you first need to have JNCIP-SP. To take the professional level exam, you need to have the specialist level certification, and to take the specialist level, you need to have the associate JNCIA-Junos certification. If you want to reach the expert level certification, you should be prepared to dedicate yourself to working through the training path.

Juniper JNCIE Certification Training

JNCIE certification is a high-level certification, so it's unlikely to be something that you can prepare for in only a few weeks or months. It's best to have gained plenty of experience at work or to have plenty of practice with a lab at home. At the very least, it's essential to have completed the prerequisite certifications. Juniper recommends some training materials to help you to prepare for the exam, including some self-study bundles for each of the training paths. They have a TechLibrary which can be useful too, but they mainly recommend that you have extensive real-world hands-on experience.

Juniper JNCIE Certification Jobs

With JNCIE certification, you can explore options for more senior network engineer roles. With the focus on different training paths, you will be able to look for roles that require specialist skills. You can look for roles within data center environments or working with a variety of Juniper Networks technologies.

This type of certification is also excellent for freelance work, as well as for looking for permanent employment. Many employers are now turning to the freelance marketplace to seek network engineers, especially for short-term and temporary tasks. is helping to make this possible for both employers and freelancers, helping businesses to find the engineers that they need.

Juniper JNCIE Certification Salary

JNCIE certification should give you access to hire paying roles. With proof of your expert knowledge and capabilities, employers will look upon you favorably. As a senior network engineer, you could be earning over $110,000 per year.

If you want even more control over how much you earn, you should consider being a freelance network engineer. offers you a platform that makes it simple to find clients so that you can make sure you always have work. It's easier than you think to find the perfect opportunities.

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