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How to Become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)


Syed Ali


September 1, 2020

An Adobe Certification is received when a person has demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency with Adobe Systems software products. They will have to pass one or more product-specific exams that are set out by Adobe itself. So if you want to improve your Adobe skills on any of its applications, then becoming an Adobe Certified Expert can be important. It might be good for helping get your resume noticed when applying for certain roles or to help negotiate a pay rise within your current workplace. Just like any form of qualification or skill, it helps improve your knowledge and value as an individual to those you work for or who might be looking for someone like you.

Who Can Become An ACE?

To become an ACE is something that anyone can do as long as they’re willing to commit their time, work, and funds. This investment into becoming an ACE can pay off significantly if you need it as part of that job you want to get or that pay rise you’re trying to achieve from your current place of work. Regardless of what Adobe products you focus on, each one you achieve can really help when it comes to your career.

How Hard Is It To Become An ACE?

As long as you’ve prepared and studied hard for the example, you should be able to pass. The exam is made up of 75 multiple-choice questions, and this is aimed at testing your proficiency when using that particular program. It’s a case of applying your knowledge in situations that you’re likely going to face within your workplace or future job roles. Unlike other typical exams, this exam won’t need you to produce images or write essays. When it comes to passing the exam, you’ll only need to get 69% minimum in order to call yourself an Adobe Certified Expert.



Where To Take The ACE Exam

There are test centers located all around the world when it comes to taking an ACE exam. Having this accessibility to test centers means that you have every opportunity to take advantage of what this qualification could bring to you and your career. There is more information about the exams and where might be nearest to you in order to take the exam on Adobe’s certification page. You’ll be asked to pick a location, time and date and then whatever payment card you’re using to take the exam.

Where To Find Study Materials To Prepare For The ACE Exams

When it comes to preparing for the ACE exams, you’ll want to find the right study materials in order to be successful. There are plenty of suggestions that Adobe will make when it comes to the specific exam you take. Each product exam is going to have different downloadable guides available. Depending on your budget that you have available will dictate what you choose to purchase, however it can often be worth investing in these to ensure you pass the exam first time around.


Getting Your Results

After you’ve finished the test, your results will have reached the reception desk as you do too. If you’ve passed, then you’ll have the ability to download the Adobe logo for your own personal use, whether that’s for your personal stationery or perhaps for your website, if you have one. As a freelance engineer, it can certainly be useful to display for potential clients to see. The best thing about the Adobe certifications is that the one-off products will never expire, and so it’s an investment worth doing in the long-run.


What The ACE Means In The Field

As an Adobe Certified Expert, it’s a widely recognized title that will help those who are reviewing your resume if applying for a job. When it comes to certain job rules, trying to determine the level of knowledge that an applicant has with a program can be hard to discern. However, if you have the ACE accreditation, then it’s easy enough to acknowledge that you have the necessary knowledge and skills needed as opposed to someone who hasn’t got it. Being an ACE is better than not being one and going up against other applicants.

If you’re looking at improving your knowledge of Adobe software products, then taking the relevant exams needed to become an Adobe Certified Expert are certainly worth investing in. Not only is it something that’s widely accepted and recognized, but it’s also an opportunity for you to grow your knowledge and skillset. As a field engineer, having the added certifications can make you a lot more sellable.

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