Work Culture in Remote Teams


Syed Ali


August 22, 2019

Have you considered the importance of your business culture? A culture, whether negative or positive will impact your company. It will have massive ramifications. 

It will change how your team members perceive your business and even act in their role. Studies suggest a poor office culture will diminish productivity while a healthy environment will have the opposite effect. So, with the right culture, you can improve perception, increase profitability and ensure employee satisfaction. 

If you have workers completing jobs online you might be wondering whether creating culture is even possible. We’re delighted to see it is. You just need to approach this challenge the right way. 

You need to think about the team environment. The environment that you create with your team will impact your remote employees and your business as a whole. If employees are completing remote jobs online you have to think about how to keep them connected. 

They should tell feel like part of the team, valued and respected. They should also feel they can trust your business and as though they have support systems in place. So, how do you build the right culture?

Tips for Building a Great Culture for Remote Workers

Before you start advertising the remote jobs USA residents are sure to love, you need to know how to build your culture. There are a few steps to take here. 

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are building a positive culture remotely is with communication. You need to engage the workers in your business. You can do this through basic tech tools like skype and by walking the virtual floor. Check up on team members online and make sure they are on track or provide assistance where necessary. 

Make sure you leave your business open to feedback and ensure that you aren’t scared of criticism. You also need to get to know everyone. Let them know they have people to talk to if they need help or support. 

You need to make sure that you are building community too. Again, this will help people feel connected and this can be accomplished online. You can create chat groups where people can get to know one another and share ideas. 

Remote Workers

You can also introduce new team members here and ensure that they feel like part of your group. It’s even worth thinking about meeting once a year in person. This helps people feel like part of your company. 

Don’t forget this is just as important for workers completing remote jobs part-time. 

Do make sure that you are also planning and providing the values of your business. It’s not just about goals. It’s about showing that you’re more than just crunching numbers. You have to give them a reason to want to be part of your business community. 

Can you have fun, you ask? Sure, this should be part of your business culture. It can be as simple as sharing memes together or it could be about getting to know personal interests too. 

Basically, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Of course, you also need to think about gamification here. Offer rewards and incentives for employees to provide the best work possible, even if they are operating out of the office. 

Hire Remote Workers

Successful Companies That Hire Remote Workers

Employees looking for the best remote jobs online already have a wide range of options. For instance, Dell, the global software and computer company hire for a range of remote jobs including system engineers teams and product specialists. SAP is another software company that hires cloud designers and custom engagement executives remotely too. 

This trend exists outside the tech industry with examples in healthcare like Anthem and travel. BCD travel hires data engineers and travel consultants who work from home. As you can see then, companies have succeeded with this model and established the right culture. 

Benefits of Culture in Remote Teams and How FE can Help 

There are countless benefits to building a culture in remote teams and FE can help you gain the rewards. With the right culture, your team will be more productive. Through FE you can achieve this by staying connected to members on the platform and ensuring that they are working towards goals. 

You’ll also be able to easily check on work from any device, ensuring that you are always connected to the team. 

Sign up Field Engineer today to build a diverse workforce filled with a talented team from far and wide. You can get the best members for your business and connect with them the right way. 

We hope you now see the big benefits of remote culture and how to achieve it in your company.


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