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What Should I Charge Engineers on Field Engineer?


Syed Ali


July 29, 2019

In as little as five or ten years, the business has changed exponentially. There are, of course, the apparent shifts towards online sales. Employment has also changed a great deal. Nowadays, traditional employment isn’t always a practical or even cost-effective method.

Instead, due to the recurring 3 major problems businesses face,  many business owners are turning to outsourced companies and freelance workers. “Approximately 55% of businesses in the US”, for example, now outsource IT management, while individuals in every industry from automotive to electronics are opting for freelance engineers since research shows that freelancers are the future And, it’s this latter we’re going to look at here.

Freelance engineers are now available in a variety of roles on platforms like Field Engineer (FE). And, whether you need an IT Infrastructure, Cloud, or any other type of IT or Telecom engineer, you could soon benefit. There are, of course, various pros to using freelancers here and, as we’re going to look at the cost is the main one. If you’re looking to save while meeting your engineering needs, then, you needn’t look further than the Field Engineer app

What is Field Engineer and How can it Save You Money?

Before you can get the most out of Field Engineer, it’s vital to understand what it is and how it could save you money. In simple terms, FE is a global freelance marketplace that connects businesses with engineers. But, what does that mean for you? FE is a platform on which engineers can either advertise services or apply for job postings. The platform has over 40,000 engineers in 190+ countries, complete with background checks so you can always rest easy that you’re getting the best.

Field Engineer Payments

FE itself saves you money upfront by offering free job postings; Field Engineer is a $0 cost marketplace, that allows MSP’s VAR and OEM to find the Talent that they need at wholesale prices. Now you can grow your service revenue, without increasing your internal capital cost!

That’s going to cost a lot less than expensive employment processes, we recently helped businesses in California cut costs by 60 %. The main money-saving benefits from this method come from the engineers themselves. When you work with freelancers, you stand to save big on everything from salaries to employment benefits. Even better, working with freelance engineers allows you to tap into an existing talent pool without once having to pay for things like training. Instead, you’ll be able to pay a one-time fee which doesn’t sting your company finances. 

Freelance Hourly Rates

What Engineers are Worth on FE

Even with savings on the table, you’re going to need to know what FE engineers are worth before you can budget for a job. The unhelpful answer to this is that it depends on which type of engineer you’re looking to work with. It’s also worth noting that, as with regular employment, more qualified engineers can charge up to 39% higher than standard rates. As a guide, take a look at the top 10 paid engineering jobs and consider the annual income of these typical field engineer salary brackets - 

Freelance Hourly Rates Variation:

  • Network Engineers -  $36 - $46         
  • Telecom Engineers - $35 - $44   
  • Cisco Engineer - $36 - $46        
  • Data Center Engineer - $36 - $47
  • Firewall Engineer - $27 to $64
  • RF Engineer - $32 - $58
  • Audio Visual Engineer - $32 - $47
  • Citrix Engineer - $37 - $51
  • Cloud System Architect - $59 and $76
  • Desktop Support Engineer - $23 - $34

When seeking an engineer, then, look at things like payments from past jobs and qualifications to help you judge exactly how much a freelancer might charge. If you're posting jobs instead, it's also worth looking at existing FE listings for ideas. Other companies may offer $900 for a network installation, for example, compared to $450 for a cable technician. Research and experience are really the best ways to get a feel for how much FE engineers are worth, so don't hesitate to start browsing the market. 

How to Budget on FE

In truth, budgeting on FE isn't all that different from how you budget a job for a client. For each posting, you'll need to consider basic salaries like those mentioned above, as well as hours required, tools needed, and training necessary. Each of these can either boost or drop the price depending on what you're after. 

You'll also want to make sure that you negotiate prices from the outset. Working with freelancers is only beneficial if you know how much you stand to pay upfront. As such, you should either make pricing explicit in your posting or ask for an invoice including whether pay is hourly or per job before agreeing to hire a freelancer. 

FE also makes budgeting easier for you with streamlined and monitored payment processes within the app. As soon as you agree to work with an engineer, money from your account will be deducted into an escrow account. It'll stay there until you agree to release it to the engineer. This helps you to budget as it keeps that money separate. And, it brings extra security to make sure that you only ever pay for the work your chosen FE engineer completes. You can always contact Field Engineer support team if you need any assistance.

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