What Should I Expect to Make on Field Engineer?


Mustafa Ali


July 26, 2019

Engineering is one of the most varied careers in the modern market. No two days are ever the same, and each challenge an engineer faces involves creative thinking and problem analysis. Yet, there are downsides with traditional engineering employment. As with any career, working under a boss can be stifling. You'll have no choice but to play by someone else's rules, at a price they deem your skills to be worth. 

Unsurprisingly, these restrictions don't always suit the creative freedom of engineering life. That's why endless engineers are turning towards freelance work as an alternative for boosting both career enjoyment and income. Even better, freelance engineering platforms like Field Engineer (FE) can see you enjoying increased stability. But, what is Field Engineer, and how much can you expect to make when you sign up? 

How Freelance Work can Boost Your Engineering Income

Before you sign up for anything, you probably want to know how freelance work can boost your income. It might be an appealing prospect, but many engineers fail to switch due to fears of patchy or reduced earnings. In reality, though, freelance engineer work can lead to higher income in several different ways. Many businesses are hiring more freelancers and research is showing that freelancers are the future of the workforce.

On an obvious level, freelance work leaves you in total control of how much you work, and how much you charge. The ability to take on more hours when you’re able to see your bank balance enjoying a significant boost.

Freelance engineering can also earn you more thanks to experience. When you work for one company, you may not need much variety of skills. This limitation can significantly impact your worth. By comparison, working on a wide range of tasks for different companies can see you gaining more skills and getting paid to do it. You can then charge more on future jobs which gain you even more experience, and so on.

What is FE, and How can it Help Your Earnings?

Field Engineer is an online platform that connects engineers to companies and vice versa. Once you join, you'll be able to post your skills and apply for existing job postings in the marketplace. You can then access listings in 190+ countries to make sure you're able to find the jobs you need to keep your income regular. All for a low 10% service charge which you don't pay until you successfully completes the job. 

In a way, FE provides you with a chance to enjoy the monetary and lifestyle benefits of freelance work while still keeping you connected to the best employers. Even if you're new to freelance engineering, you'll be able to sign up and search according to your experience and get desired pay straight away.

Typical Engineer Price Ranges

The amount that you can expect to charge as a freelance engineer is going to vary a great deal depending on the job in question and your skillset. In fact, freelance engineers with extensive skills and experience could stand to earn over 35% more in a year. To give you some idea of how much you can expect to make when you sign up for FE, consider the average pay of the 10 highest paid engineering jobs

Typical Engineer Price Ranges

Freelance Hourly Rates Variation:

  • Network Engineers -  $36 - $46         
  • Telecom Engineers - $35 - $44   
  • Cisco Engineer - $36 - $46        
  • Data Center Engineer - $36 - $47
  • Firewall Engineer - $27 to $64
  • RF Engineer - $32 - $58
  • Audio Visual Engineer - $32 - $47
  • Citrix Engineer - $37 - $51
  • Cloud System Architect - $59 and $76
  • Desktop Support Engineer - $23 - $34

Pricing can also vary a great deal due to job length, with long, highly skilled jobs paying more than a quick, simple project. While you could counteract this by accepting more postings, it’s worth entering all these variations into a freelance pricing calculator for a real idea of what you stand to earn. 

Field Engineer Payments

How Payment Works on FE

Of course, knowing how much you could potentially earn doesn’t help if you don’t know how payment works on FE in the first place. Luckily, this is yet another aspect of freelance engineering which Field Engineer stands to help you with. That’s because the simple payment processing method is made with you in mind.

Supporting both Paypal & Payoneer, this payment platform takes money out of employer accounts as soon as job amounts are agreed upon. While you can’t access that payment until a job is completed to satisfactory standards, this ensures that no employer can ever backtrack or change payment amounts along the way. It also ensures that you’re able to access your money as soon as you finish a job every single time. And, that can give you peace of mind that you wouldn’t find if you went freelance alone. 

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